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Readers Respond: What Can Be Done to Improve Pair Skating In the United States?

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Some people say that what is going with pair skating in the USA is just not working. Something has to change. What can be done to improve pair skating in the United States? Share Your Ideas

Tai's words of wisdom

Bravo, Tai! Thank you for taking the time to address this situation. You and Randy are one of my all-time favorite pairs. No one has ever skated as the two of you skated. It was powerful, breath-taking, and exquisite. You brought so much joy into my life (and some tears, as well). Pairs is my favorite discipline in skating. While I respect and applaud our recent US pairs and their accomplishments, something is definitely missing and amiss. I believe you have put your finger on it, Tai, in your focused and knowledgeable comments here. As a fifty-year devotee of figure skating and a fan who has attended many a competition, I encourage the powers that be at US Figure Skating to heed Tai's words of wisdom.
—Guest Nancy Hall

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What Can Be Done to Improve Pair Skating In the United States?

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