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About Disney On Ice's Frozen

Produced by Feld Entertainment, the Disney On Ice production of “Frozen” is considered the figure skating version of a touring Broadway show.

Is Pair Figure Skating for You?

Are you a figure skater interested in becoming a pair skater? This article gives some basics on what to consider and how to get started.

Review of "Sequins and Scandals" - Essays About Figure Skating by M.G. Piety

M.G. Piety, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has put together a series of outspoken and intellectual philosophical essays about the figure skating world.

What Makes a Great Recreational and/or Social Ice Dancer?

This article explains what makes a great social and/or recreational ice dancer.

Video of Le Patin Libre - Creative Inline Figure Skating

Le Patin Libre, based in Montréal, Canada, is modern figure skating dance company which was founded in 2005. The group, made up of high level figure skaters, uses athleticism and free expression on ice skates and off the ice on inline figure skates.

The Way Figure Skating Is Paid For Must Change!

Figure skating is a very expensive sport. This article proposes a solution that could possibly make figure skating affordable and keep more ice skaters in the sport.

Is There More to Life Than Olympic Figure Skating?

After the XXII Olympic Winter Games ended, those who watched can't help but wonder what will come next in the lives of the figure skaters that competed in Sochi. What happens now? Is there more in life than Olympic figure skating?

How to Become a Figure Skating Ice Dance Choreographer

This article gives steps and suggestions that may help a figure skater achieve the goal and dream of becoming an ice dancing figure skating choreographer.

Rent Figure Skating Competition Attire

Renting figure skating competition clothing is a great idea.

Adagio Skating

The acrobatic moves adagio pair skaters do resemble the adagio dancing that is done in circus acrobatic acts. Two figure skaters, a lady and man, skate together and perform a theatrical version of pair skating with spectacular, acrobatic, and athletic lifts, death spirals, and spins.

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