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Balance Figure Skating Training and School

A Figure Skater and Her Coach

Yes!  It is possible to train as a figure skater and also be an excellent student! ....

More Figure Skating
Figure Skating Spotlight10

How to Qualify for the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating

In this article, learn about the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition series and find out how talented young and up and coming figure skaters get a chance to compete internationally.

How To Balance Figure Skating Training and School

It is possible to train as a figure skater and also be an excellent student.

Video of 1970 US Figure Skating Champion Janet Lynn

Janet Lynn was and is considered one of the best figure skaters in ice skating history. This video shows her winning and breathtaking performance at the 1970 US Figure Skating Championships which took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Nine Things You Should Know About Sharpening Figure Skates

This article gives some figure skating blade sharpening basics and tips.

Review of "Game On" - Figure Skating Game Ideas for Coaches

Kori Ade and Ryan Jahnke have put together a creative manual that can help figure skating coaches motivate their students.


When figure skaters compete at a skating level way below their ability of skating or test level, they can easily win. This practice, called "Sand-Bagging" is not encouraged, but it is a fact that it has been practiced in the ice skating world for many, many years.

Figure Skating Clothes Have Improved Through the Years

Figure skating attire has certainly changed and improved. Skaters once skated in materials that did not stretch. Learn more about the history of ice skating clothes in this article.

Figure Skating Teaches Life Lessons

Those who participate in figure skating learn about dedication, hard work, good sportsmanship, and how to perform.

About Disney On Ice's Frozen

Produced by Feld Entertainment, the Disney On Ice production of “Frozen” is considered the figure skating version of a touring Broadway show.

Is Pair Figure Skating for You?

Are you a figure skater interested in becoming a pair skater? This article gives some basics on what to consider and how to get started.

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