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Review of "Snowden on Ice" - A Holiday Ice Skating Video

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


Ekaterina Gordeeva in

Ekaterina Gordeeva in "Snowden on Ice"

Photo Courtesy of "A Kind of Magic"

The Bottom Line

"Snowden on Ice" is a wonderful story that appeals to both children and adults. There are beautiful sets and the skating is great. The magic in this tale will make all viewers happy. This is a story that can be watched again and again.


  • "Snowden on Ice" is a happy story.
  • There are beautiful sets.
  • The skating performances are excellent.
  • Skaters of all ages and levels perform in this video.
  • The music in this video is of the highest quality.


  • This video may be hard to locate since it was released in 1997.


  • Taped by Target Stores in 1997
  • Cast includes Ekaterina Gordeeva, Kurt Browning, Josee Chouinard, Daria Grinkov, and Scott Hamilton
  • Musical numbers sung by Amy Grant, Olivia Newton-John, Anne Murray, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, and B.J. Thomas
  • Choreography by Michael Siebert
  • Available only on videotape; not available on DVD
  • Skaters of all ages and levels skate in this video. Hockey players perform in addition to figure skaters.

Guide Review - Review of "Snowden on Ice" - A Holiday Ice Skating Video

Olympic figure skaters Ekaterina Gordeeva and Kurt Browning skate in a beautiful and heartwarming ice skating tale.

The narrator is the pond's aging caretaker, "Scootch" (Scott Hamilton). "The Zamboni Man" song introduces Scootch. He drives the Zamboni and talks about how the town was named after Grandpa Albert, a champion skater. Grandpa Albert built his home right on the pond's edge and taught his grand-daughter, Kate, how to skate.

The story begins as Kate (Ekaterina Gordeeva) and daughter Lizzie (Dana Grinkov) return to Albert's Pond. Kate is returning to Albert's Pond with her daughter, Lizzie, after her husband has died.

Kate takes to the ice again with Lizzie and a beautiful and heartwarming story unfolds.

"Snowden on Ice" is a lovely ice skating show and will definately bring the holiday spirit into many homes and hearts. It is a story of magic, hope and happiness.

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