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Richard Dwyer "Mr. Debonair" In Pictures


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Dorothy Ann Nelson and Richard Dwyer
Richard Dwyer and Dorothy Ann Nelson Do the Swing Waltz

Richard Dwyer and Dorothy Ann Nelson Do the Swing Waltz

Photo Credit: Ice Follies - Courtesy The Ice Theatre of New York
The legendary ice show star, Richard Dwyer, is considered one of the most famous skating show stars in figure skating history. He skated in both Ice Follies and Ice Capades and was also known as "Mr. Debonair." This photo gallery shows some of Dwyer's most memorable skating moments.

Note: Thank you Ice Theatre of New York for many of the photos included in this gallery.

Every Ice Follies show included a Swing Waltz ice dance number. In this photo, Richard Dwyer and his pair skating partner in 1962, Dorothy Ann Nelson, do the Swing Waltz together along with other members of the Ice Follies cast.

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