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Disney On Ice - A Skater's Memories


Mickey Mouse and Amy  Sutherland

Mickey Mouse and Amy Sutherland

Photo Courtesy Amy Sutherland

A Wonderful Experience:


Figure skater, Amy Sutherland, had a wonderful experience with Disney On Ice. As an amateur skater, performing was always more fun for Amy than competing, so being in an ice show was a dream come true.




When Amy was a senior in high school, she auditioned for Disney. She was hired to leave for rehearsals as soon as she graduated from high school. It was a perfect choice for Amy because she was not quite ready for college.

What the Audition Was Like:

Usually skaters are asked to bring photos, a resume, and a video of their skating. When Amy auditioned she was asked to do many different stops, turns, spirals, jumps, spins, and other skating moves. She was shown the opening number or finale from the show and then the show officials watched to see how quickly she and other skaters could pick up the steps.


"In-Show Auditions":


Once in the show, there were "in-show auditions" occasionally. In those auditions, skaters could try for an understudy role or character part. Amy was anxious to try for a character role since she was the perfect size; it meant a higher salary and no makeup or lashes to wear.


Two Tours in the United States and Two Years Overseas:


Amy toured for two years in the United States. The first year was on the east coast and the second was on the west.

After a year off and school, Amy returned to the show to do two more years overseas. She toured Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii during her first year overseas. The next year, she went to Europe and South America.


Amy Loved Traveling:


For Amy, traveling with Disney was her first real traveling experience and she loved that opportunity.


Made Lifelong Friends:


Amy also made very close lifelong friends on tour. Amy explains that being in a company like Disney On Ice is really like being in a big family since skaters are together so much and are away from home for so long.


Ice Shows Make People Happy:


Amy says that there is a wonderful feeling when figure skaters make an audience happy. Making people happy was part of learning how to perform day after day.


Learned About Big Productions:


Amy learned how a big production worked. She was amazed to see how all the choreography, costumes, set designs, pictures/programs, rehearsals, and overall organization of a tour came together.


The Disney on Ice Experience Enhanced Amy's Life:


Being in Disney On Ice added to Amy's resume and to her coaching later in life. Besides skating, she was also able to do some of the publicity work for the show. She met many people, publicists, and promoters from all over the world. After four years of touring, she was ready to finish college and was much better prepared for life.


Amy Loved Being in the Show:


Amy loved the traveling, friends, skating experiences, and performing. She encourages young skaters to consider traveling with an ice show for the experience that they can gain.


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