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Contribute to "The Joy of Coaching" - Celebrate PSA's 75th Anniversary


About.com's Figure Skating Guide, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, has been a member of PSA since 1983

About.com's Figure Skating Guide, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, has been a member of PSA since 1983

Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris

Professional Skaters Association PSA's 75th Anniversary Memory Book:

The Professional Skaters Association, PSA, has been in existence since 1938. In 2013, the organization celebrates it's 75th anniversary. "The Joy of Coaching" will celebrate those 75 years by telling stories about figure skating coaches and skaters.


"The Joy of Coaching" will include stories and history about the Professional Skaters Association. Photos will also be included.

Submit Your Story:

Every figure skating coach has a story or stories to tell. The PSA knows this, so the organization would like every skater or coach to submit stories that may be used in the book.

Submissions should be sent to the book's editor, Patty Hagen, at psa75years@yahoo.com.

What Should Be Shared?:

Any figure skating story, memory, or teaching tip may be appropriate for the memory book.

Tell about why you decided to become an ice skating coach. Tell a funny story about a certain test or competition. Tell about a technique you learned from one of your coaches that you pass on to your figure skating students.

Share about the difficult moments or times in your teaching career. Share your best or worst times. What did you learn from a skating student? Share photos. Share training stories and memories.

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