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Ice Skating Instruction

Learn about how to obtain and how to get the most from beginning private and group ice skating instruction. Get familiar with the different levels and qualifications of figure skating coaches and ice skating instructors. Learn about what to expect from private ice skating lessons.
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Ice Skating Lessons
This article gives some tips on how skaters can get the most out of their private ice skating lessons.

"Turn Pro"
Long ago, everyone in the figure skating knew that a day would come in a skater's career when he or she would make the decision on whether or not to "turn pro. Taking money for skating meant that a figure skater could no longer compete against other amateur skaters.

Review of "Game On" - Figure Skating Game Ideas for Coaches
Kori Ade and Ryan Jahnke have put together a creative manual that can help figure skating coaches motivate their students.

Aviator Sports - One of the Top Rated Skating Rinks In the USA
Aviator Sports and Events Center is considered to be one of the best ice skating rinks in the New York City metropolitan area.

Skate and Train at the Site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games
Lake Placid, New York is where the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games took place. Every summer, the Olympic skating center offers an extensive summer program for figure skaters.

Jersey On Ice - Response to Comments About TLC's Figure Skating Reality Show
This article is meant to address some of the negative comments that have come in since the pilot episode of Jersey On Ice, The Learning Channel's December 12, 2012 reality show, aired.

Bobby® Seal Makes Ice Skating Fun
The Bobby® skating aid makes it possible for everyone to enjoy ice skating.

Skating Coach, Skating Instructor, Teacher, or Pro - Is There a Difference?
There is a difference between a figure skating coach and an ice skating instructor.

Get Started Figure Skating
This article gives step by step directions on how to get started in figure skating.

Concussions In Figure Skating
Figure skating is a dangerous sport. When a skater hits his or her head while skating, there is a possibility of a concussion. Parents, coaches, and skaters should be aware of the dangers of a concussion.

Jersey On Ice Figure Skating Reality Show - Share Your Thoughts Regarding...
On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, a pilot episode of Jersey On Ice, a figure skating reality show, aired on The Learning Channel. Did you like the show? Did you hate it? Do you believe the show is a good thing for figure skating? Share your thoughts.

How Much Do Private Ice Skating Lessons Cost?
The cost of private figure skating instruction can vary, but in almost all instances, the skater must be aware that he or she must pay the rink for admission and ice time and also pay a separate fee to the figure skating coach for the lesson.

Beginning Ice Skating Lesson
Read about the things figure skaters learn in a beginning ice skating class.

What Extra Fees Do Figure Skating Coaches Charge?
Figure skating coaches charge for everything related to a child's skating training. When a coach takes a child to an ice skating competition or event, there are fees for taking care of the student and for expenses. There are fees to prepare for tests, competitions, and shows. Those coaching skating must make a living.

Careers in the Ice Skating Industry
This article lists some careers in the ice skating industry.

Things Figure Skating Coaches Must Do By July 1st of Each Year

Before You Choose a Figure Skating Coach
Unlike ballet, dance, or gymnastics, where learning occurs in a group lesson format most of the time, figure skating is mastered through private lessons. So….if you or your child is really interested in mastering figure skating, your first step is to select a private lesson coach.

How to Switch Figure Skating Coaches
Parents and skaters need to be aware that there are some guidelines all skating coaches follow when a skater switches coaches.

Coaching Figure Skating - Guidelines For Figure Skating Coaches
Figure skaters pay so much for private figure skating lessons. For that reason, they deserve undivided attention during skating lessons. How do you suggest figure skating coaches should behave? What are your recommended Do's and Don'ts?

Camps and Summer Skating Programs for Figure Skaters
Figure skaters can go to camp during the summer. Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States.

Grassroots To Champions Figure Skating Seminars
The mission of Grassroots To Champions seminars is to provide figure skating coaches and their students with proven techniques, the latest figure skating technology, and training perspectives.

Before You Consider Becoming a Figure Skating Coach
Before you consider teaching figure skating, there are some things you should know.

Review of "Training Figure Skaters" - A Book by Jack Curtis
"Training Figure Skaters" by Jack Curtis is a manual for ice skating parents and skaters.

Annual Coaching Fees and Requirements For Skatng Coaches
Figure skating coaches in the United States who wish to teach at US Figure Skating's events and competitions are required to register, pay certain fees, buy liability insurance, and pass certain continuing education tests by July 1 of each year.

Contribute to "The Joy of Coaching" - Celebrate PSA's 75th Anniversary
The Professional Skaters Association, PSA, has been in existence since 1938. In 2013, the organization celebrates it's 75th anniversary. "The Joy of Coaching" will celebrate those 75 years by telling stories about figure skating coaches and skaters.

Facebook, Social Networking, and Figure Skating Ethics
Figure skating coaches are not permitted to solicit skating students, who are already working with another coach. This means that using Facebook or other social networking sites to solicit skaters who are already taking lessons from another figure skating coach is a violation of the PSA Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics.

Charles Crawford - An Ice Skating Coach Living With Multiple Sclerosis
Charles Crawford is a skating coach that is living with MS. He was told he would never walk again, but is now back on the ice, teaching skating.

Eric and Heather Mumper - Alabama Figure Skating Coaches
In 2008, Eric and Heather Mumper left their established figure skating business in Ohio to help build a figure skating program in Birmingham, Alabama.

Figure Skating Coaches Certification
This is an excellent link from the FIGURE SKATER'S WEBSITE by Don Korte that explains how figure skating coaches are trained, qualified, and certified.

Your Relationship With Your "Pro"
This is an excellent article from Don Korte's Figure Skating Website that describes a skater's relationship with his or her private figure skating coach.

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