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The Haydenettes - Synchronized Skating Champions


The Haydenettes

The Haydenettes

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The Most Successful Synchronized Team in U.S. History:

The Haydenettes are the most successful synchronized skating team in U.S. history. They have won seventeen national titles. The team was formed in 1979. The team is known for doing athletic lifts, complicated footwork, creative choreography, and for smooth and beautiful skating.

The Haydenettes have competed in every Synchronized World Figure Skating Championship.


The skaters on the Haydenettes synchronized skating team are high school and college students. Being part of the Haydenettes is considered a great honor. Skaters must take part in tryouts before being accepted to the Haydenettes synchronized skating team. Mastering advanced figure skating skills is expected.

World Competitors and Medalists:

Since 2000, the Haydenettes have competed in the World Synchronized Figure Skating Championships. At the 2010 World Synchronized Skating Championships, the team won the bronze medal.

Competition Highlights:

  • 2010 World Synchronized Skating Bronze Medalists
  • 2007, 2008 and 2010 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2006 and 2009 Silver Medalists U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships
  • 2005 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2004 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2003 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2002 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2001 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 2000 Synchronized Skating Champions of the United States
  • 1999 Silver Medalists U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships


The coaches of the Haydenettes are Saga Krantz, Deirdre Wilson, and Ron Kravette. Saga Krantz is from Finland and won a silver medal at the World Synchronized Skating Championships. She replaced Lynn Benson, who had coached the team since when it was formed in 1979.


The Haydenettes train during the entire year. They do take off the month of July and they take off two weeks in May. They skate together for about eight hours a week and do off-ice training for two to three hours per week.

6.0 Scores:

At three different United States National Figure Skating Championships, the Haydenettes received 6.0 scores. 6.0 scores were used under the old judging system and 6.0 meant that the judges considered the performance a perfect performance.

Special Exhibition Performances:

The Haydenettes have performed in several prestigious exhibitions that have included "The Today Show" and "The CBS Thanksgiving Day Special." They have performed in opening ceremonies at various competitions and are usually always featured in "An Evening of Championship Skating" at Harvard University.

Home Skating Club:

The Haydenettes represent the Hayden Recreation Centre Figure Skating Club in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Other Synchronized Teams:

Other synchronized skating teams train in Lexington, Massachusetts at Hayden Recreation Centre, and are considered part of the Haydenettes synchronized skating program. Those teams include the junior level team, The Lexettes, the novice level team, The Icemates, the adult team, Esprit de Corps, and the master level team, Esprit de Corps. Preliminary and Juvenile teams are also part of the Haydenette's program.

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