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Off-Ice Training

Learn about the ballet and dance background figure skaters need. Learn about jumping and spinning off the ice. Learn about recommended athletic activities for the figure skater.
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Figure Skaters Eating Plan - Suggested Meal Plan for Figure Skaters
Are you a figure skater? What do you eat during the day? Share your suggested meal plans for figure skaters.

Stretching Exercises for Figure Skaters
It is important that figure skaters stretch before and after skating. Stretching daily will make a skater's body more flexible, so the skater will have more power when he or she performs. Stretching also improves a figure skater's posture and decreases chances of injury. This is a short list of recommended stretching exercises for figure skaters.

Exercises to Help Figure Skaters Do Sit Spins
Figure skaters should do exercises on and off the ice to help strengthen their legs when they do sit spins.

Video of Le Patin Libre - Creative Inline Figure Skating
Le Patin Libre, based in Montréal, Canada, is modern figure skating dance company which was founded in 2005. The group, made up of high level figure skaters, uses athleticism and free expression on ice skates and off the ice on inline figure skates.

Review of Sk8Strong's Figure Skating Off-Ice Training DVDs
Sk8Strong Inc. has produced instructional exercise DVDs especially for figure skaters. The DVDs provide figure skaters with a comprehensive off-ice training program.

Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters: Why, What, When and How by Lauren Downes
Lauren Downes is a licensed physical therapist, a professional figure skating coach, a former competitive skater, and she is also an off-ice strength and conditioning coach. She is the founder and creator of Sk8Strong Inc. and she has produced instructional exercise DVDs especially for figure skaters. In this article, she talks about off-ice training for figure skating.

The Importance of Off-Ice Jumps - By Figure Skating Coach Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on the importance of off-ice jump training.

Figure Skaters Need Ballet Training
Every figure skater must have training in ballet. Ballet gives figure skaters the basics they need to control their bodies.

Ballet Secrets for Skaters - A Book by Barbara Denise Files
"Ballet Secrets for Skaters" is a book that teaches the secrets of ballet in an easy to read and entertaining format.

Fundamentals of Alignment and Classical Movement for Figure Skaters
Ballet instructor, Annette Thomas, has written a detailed book which is designed to help figure skaters take ballet techniques on and off the ice.

Sk8Strong Figure Skating Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning DVDs
Sk8Strong Inc. has produced instructional exercise DVDs especially for figure skaters. The DVDs provide figure skaters with a comprehensive off-ice training program.

Sk8Strong Off-Ice Figure Skating Training DVD Demo Video
Sk8Strong Inc. has produced off-ice strength and core training DVDs especially for figure skaters. This YouTube video includes sample clips of the exercises that are on the Sk8Strong DVDs.

The PIC® Skate
The PIC® Skate is an inline figure skate. Skaters who own this skate say they are able to practice moves that are done on the ice on dry land.

Off-Ice Edge - A Figure Skating Training Aid
The Off Ice Edge helps a skater master on-ice edge technique off the ice. It is the only off-ice figure skating training aid that allows ice skaters to keep skates on.

Sports That Figure Skaters Might Be Good At
Figure skating makes it possible to master certain sports easily. This is a list of some sports that figure skaters may be good at. Doing these sports may also help ice skaters with their figure skating.

Off-Ice Training for Figure Skating
This is an excellent article that appears on the U.S. Figure Skating site. It explains how important it is for a skater to be well-conditioned, strong, and prepared.

How to Jump and Spin on In-Line Skates
I wrote this book. It describes in detail how to re-create all that is possible on the ice on in-line skates!

Snow White Artistic Inline Frames
The Snow White Frame is for serious inline figure skaters or for anyone who wishes to do figure skating moves on an in-line skate. The Snow White Frame is really for indoor skating, but the manufacturer does also make wheels that are available for skating outdoors.

The PIC® Skate Company
The PIC® Skate makes it possible to practice all figure skating moves off the ice. They are a favorite for figure skaters who want to get in extra practice on dry land.

The JUMP-SPIN SKATE Company is the United States distributor of the only recreational inline skate that has a TOE STOP in front! Now, anyone can do jumps and spins on inline skates!

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