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Young woman figure skater performing a Bielman

Young woman figure skater performing a Bielman

Ryan McVay/Allsport Concepts/Getty Images

Definition: The Bielman position is named after Champion Swiss skater Denise Biellmann who originated this move. This position takes quite a bit of stretching. The skater holds his or her skate blade and pulls the leg way back up over the head. The legs are completely split, but the knee of the free leg is bent.



Also Known As: Figure skaters do Bielman spins and Bielman spirals. Sometimes the term "bielman" is not capitalized.

Alternate Spellings: Bielmann or bielman or Biellmann or biellmann

Common Misspellings: Denise Biellmann's last name had two "l"s and two "n"s in it. What is the correct spelling? Bielman or Biellmann?

Examples: The Bielman spin is a spin where the skater lifts his or her leg way above the head and grabs the figure skate blade whle spinning. Another move using this position is the Bielman spiral.

A cross-grab Bielman is a variation of the basic Bielman move. The skater uses the opposite hand of the lifted leg to hold the leg up. The way the other arm and hand is used is optional, and may or may be used to hold the free leg up. Mao Asada's signature move is the cross-grab Bielman.


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