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Friendly Ice Skating Rinks


Most ice arenas are friendly to figure skaters of all ages and levels, but some ice rinks especially stand out. This is a list of some of the most friendly and happy ice rinks in the United States.

1. Snoopy's Home Ice - Santa Rosa, California

Snoopy's Home Ice (Redwood Empire Ice Arena) in Santa Rosa, California is a fun rink that welcomes skaters of all ages and levels. The rink hosts a Monday and Friday coffee club, with lessons for advanced, intermediate, and beginning skaters from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. This rink has a great atmosphere with a cafe in the lobby called the Warm Puppy. The Charles Schulz Museum is right next to the rink. After the coffee club on Fridays, there is a dance session from 11:45 to 12:45. The rink's address is 1667 West Steele Lane.

2. Skating Club of Wilmington - Wilmington, Delaware

The Skating Club of Wilmington is a non-profit fifty year old club that owns its own rink. There is a complete youth program as well as participation by adult skaters. The adult skaters at the club range from ages eighteen up to age eighty-five. The club rents the ice out to hockey for about twenty percent of the time, but the rest of the ice time is devoted to ice dance and figure skating.

The club has about six or seven former Olympians on the coaching staff. Skaters that come to the Monday night programmed dance, will get a friendly greeting, fun dancing, and good refreshments.

There is also a sense of family at the facility. A wedding on ice once took place the rink!

3. Sharks Ice in San Jose, California

Sharks Ice is considered a great rink for adults and children. The rink has four ice surfaces. The "Bay Area Ice Dancers" holds a special ice dance session at the rink each Sunday. Skaters from all over come to the rink and say it is a very friendly and happy place. Experienced skaters help and support those new to the sport.

4. Oklahoma City's Ice Rinks

Oklahoma City is a very friendly and family oriented community that has two ice rinks. Both rinks provide plenty of ice time for all levels of figure skaters. There are early morning and late afternoon ice sessions at both rinks. On Saturdays, one of the rinks is not crowded. The rinks have both recreational and serious skaters using the facilities.

5. Watertown Skating Club at the Taft School in Connecticut

Watertown Skating Club at the Taft School in Connecticut is considered by many to be one of the most friendly adult skating clubs. The club holds sessions on Wednesday and Sunday evenings during the winter season. There are regular ice dance sessions that include refreshments. A half-hour group lesson is included in the Sunday session and everyone who skates tends to socialize too. Experiened skaters mentor beginners. Everyone helps each other learn ice dances. Those who skate at the Watertown Skating Club report that each skating experience there is great fun.

6. San Francisco Bay Area Rinks

Belmont Iceland, the Ice Oasis in Redwood City, and the Winter Lodge in Palo Alto all are skating rinks that are considered to be family friendly and adult friendly. During the day, these rinks are fairly quiet. Daytime public sessions and daytime ice dance sessions occur almost every day at the Belmont and Redwood City rinks. At the Winter Lodge, skaters can enjoy skating outside and can enjoy recreational ice skating.

7. Washington D.C. Area Skating Rinks

Two ice arenas just north of Washington D.C. have been praised for being very friendly and happy places. Cabin John and Wheaton ice rinks are both run by the Montgomery County Parks Department. Both rinks have public sessions for adults, children, and ice dancers. The rinks allow all kinds of music on their sessions.

8. Champions Skating Center in Cromwell, Connecticut

Champions Skating Center welcomes figure skaters. There is freestyle ice time available all day long. There are always ice dancers on the ice. Mostly adults skate during the day, but young competitive ice dance teams also train there. The rink has two ice surfaces, but only one is used by figure skaters. Champions gives a wonderful perk to skaters of all ages who medal at the U.S. national figure skating qualifying competitions: for one year those skaters receive free ice time at the arena.

9. Genoveva Chavez Community Center Ice Arena in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Genovva Chavez Community Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a massive sports facility that includes pools, an ice rink, basketball courts, and other recreational facilities. The ice arena a friendly and happy place for figure skaters of all ages and levels.

10. Missouri Skating Rinks Are "Adult Friendly"

The city owned Creve Coeur Ice Arena in Creve Coeur, Missouri is very friendly to adult skaters, especially adult ice dancers during the weekly sessions that occur during the middle of the day. From 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM, skaters have their choice of music, no cones, and freedom to skate dance patterns with no restrictions on backwards skating.

Another adult friendly rink is the Recreation Station Ice Rink in the city of Kirkwood, Missouri. There is a Monday evening adults only session. There is a group ice dance class during the session.

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