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Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat

Keep Cool During the Summer: Go Ice Skating


Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat

Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat

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Figure skating can be enjoyed all summer long since there are indoor ice skating rinks all over the world. Also, ice rinks are some of the "coolest places in town."

Figure Skaters Joke That They Spend Their Lives Inside a Refrigerator!

An ice skating rink may feel like the inside of a refrigerator. An ice surface has to be inside a cold building, so even during the hot summer months, those who skate may need to wear sweaters, jackets, hats, and gloves.

In addition, some people believe that spending time inside an ice arena may slow down the aging process. Ice skating may be a "Fountain of Youth." Figure skating is a way to keep young and fit.

Most Figure Skaters Skate More During the Summer

Most ice arenas set up summer skating programs that will keep figure skaters of all ages busy and cool, so summer is a great time for figure skaters to put in extra hours on the ice. In addition, many facilities offer special figure skating classes and off-ice classes for figure skaters.

Some figure skaters stay at an ice rink all day long during the summer, or skate from early morning to noon, and then enjoy traditional summer activities like swimming, bike riding, and hiking in the afternoons.

Figure Skating Is a Great Form of Summer Exercise

Ice skating can help prevent obesity in children. Parents can get their children away from televisions and computers during the summer by making regular trips to an ice rink. Recreational ice skating burns more than 250 calories per hour. Figure skaters burn many more calories since doing jumps, spins, footwork, and other moves uses up much energy.

Summer Ice Skating Lessons

Summer is an excellent time to take a series of group ice skating lessons. Group lessons are not just for beginners. Many facilities offer group classes for intermediate and advanced figure skaters.

Group ice skating lessons are usually sold as a six to eight week series during the summer, and the cost per lesson comes to about $10 for a half hour of instruction. Skate rental is usually included in summer group lesson costs. Skaters attend classes once a week, but are encouraged to go to the ice rink every day to escape the summer heat and practice.

Summer is also a good time to give private skating instruction a try. Many figure skating coaches have extra private lesson time available during the summer months; however, private ice skating lessons are very expensive. Costs range from $20 to $40 for twenty minutes or $30 to $60 for thirty minutes of instruction. Ice time costs are not included in the cost of private ice skating lessons.

Summer Public and Open Skating

Most ice arenas hold public skating sessions daily during the summer. Many figure skaters use open and public skating time to get in extra hours of practice during the summer months. If public sessions aren't used for practice, figure skaters sometimes go to public sessions to just have fun and play. Playing and skating inside a cold ice rink is fun because the summer heat is somewhere else.

Admission to ice rinks range from $3.00 to $7.00 for one to two hours of open skating. Skate rental during public skating sessions usually is an extra $1.00 to $3.00. Summer skating passes and discounts are available at some facilities.

Summer Figure Skating Day and Overnight Camps, Summer Ice Dance Weekends, and Summer Skating Specialty Clinics:

Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States. Also, some ice arenas offer week-long full-day or half-day figure skating specialty camps. Some of these camps concentrate on teaching skaters basic ice skating skills, while other skating day camps concentrate on helping figure skaters learn ice dancing, choreography, or mastering jumps and spins.

One day clinics for figure skaters are also offered in the summer. Summer ice dance weekends are also a popular way for many adult figure skaters to escape the summer heat and vacation at the same time.

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