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Brooklyn Ice - A Free Figure Skating Program for School Children in Brooklyn


Brooklyn Ice - A Free Figure Skating Program for School Children in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Ice - A Free Figure Skating Program for School Children in Brooklyn

Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Ice

About Brooklyn Ice:

Brooklyn Ice is an after school program that makes figure skating accessible and affordable.

Brooklyn Ice's Mission and Goal:

The mission of Brooklyn Ice is to make figure skating available to school children who live in the areas surrounding Bryant Park in Brooklyn, New York. Personal growth through figure skating is Brooklyn Ice's goal.


The participants in Brooklyn Ice are from schools neighboring Prospect Park. The children are between the ages of 6 and 10. The majority of particpants qualify for free lunch programs and are from single-parent homes.


Brooklyn Ice's founder and executive director is Violet Eagan. Eagan is a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist who trained under ice skating coaching legend Gustave Lussi. She has coached figure skating for over thirty years. Eagan wants to give figure skating to children who may never have the opportunity to experience the sport.

Volunteers and Staff:

Recreational skaters make up Brooklyn Ice's staff. Volunteers are always welcome.

Program Format:

From November through March of each year, skaters take two after-school group lessons a week. The lessons take place at an outdoor ice rink. Participants also have the option of taking part in a book club, dance classes, and creative writing classes.

Annual Show:

The highlight of Brooklyn Ice's program is an annual Christmas ice show.

The Ice Theatre of New York has performed at Brooklyn Ice's events. Also, 1994 Olympic Figure Skating Champion, Oksana Baiul, has participated in the group's Christmas parties.

Financial Needs:

Brooklyn Ice is given a financial grant that helps with some of its operating costs, but since grant funds are limited, financial donations are always welcome. Donations of skates, blades and skating costumes are also needed.

Contact Brooklyn Ice:

Website: Brooklyn Ice
143 6th. Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (718) 594-7439
Email: violet@brooklynice.org
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