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Artistic Roller Figure Skating


Artistic Roller Figure Skaters Aubrey Orcutt and Robert Hines

Artistic Roller Figure Skaters Aubrey Orcutt and Robert Hines

Photo by Kathie Fry, SkateLog.com

Figure Skating Without Ice:

Artistic roller skating is very much like figure skating on the ice. Everything ice skaters do can also be done on roller skates.

Lack of Media Coverage:

The public does not get as excited about artistic roller skating as ice figure skating because artistic roller figure skating is rarely shown on television.

Quad Roller Figure Skates:

Most artistic roller figure skaters skate on quads. Although roller figure skating moves may look the same as ice skating moves, sometimes a different technique is used on four wheels. Quads have turning trucks that steer the skate much like the steering mechanism on a car.

Inline Figure Skating:

Artistic inline skating feels a lot like ice figure skating. Many ice figure skaters have found it possible to do all figure skating moves off the ice on inline figure skates. In recent years, inline figure skating has become a competitive sport.

PIC® Skates Work for Ice Skaters:

Some figure skaters say that the PIC® Skate makes it possible to practice all figure skating moves done on the ice off the ice. Most skaters find that the skate takes some time to get used to. Skaters say that the PIC® (toe stop) feels very much like the toe pick on a figure skating blade.

Other Inline Figure Skates:

There are other types of inline figure skates besides PIC® Skates. One of the most popular brands is the Snow White artistic inline skate. The Jump-Spin Skate is an entry level inline figure skate.

Roller Figure Skating Competitions:

Both ice skating and artistic roller figure skating have regional, national and world competitions; however, roller figure skating is not an Olympic sport. Roller figure skating competitions usually include events in figures, free skating, pairs, dance, and precision (synchronized) skating.

Some Roller Skaters Who Have Switched to Ice:

1998 Olympic figure skating champion, Tara Lipinski, was originally an artistic roller skater.

2009 US Pairs Silver Medalist, Caydee Denney, was a competitive artistic roller figure skater. In roller skating, she won the Juvenile National Roller Singles title and Elementary Pairs National title.

Most people in the figure skating world know that Morry Stillwell served as President of U.S. Figure Skating from 1995 through 1998. What is not known is that Morry Stillwell was a roller skater before he was an ice skater.

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