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How to Become a Figure Skater

Becoming a Figure Skater


Become a Figure Skater

Become a Figure Skater

Painting Courtesy of Artist Larisa Gendernalik
Do you want to get an idea of what's involved in becoming a figure skater? Before you begin to skate, there are things you should know.
  • Buy Skates
    Rental skates are okay to use if you just want to try out ice skating, but if you are serious about learning to figure skate, it is essential that you buy good boots and blades.
  • Join a Figure Skating Club
    When you first begin to figure skate, you do not have to join a figure skating club, but as a skater advances, there is a time when joining a figure skating club becomes necessary.
  • Compete in Figure Skating Competitions
    There are two different ice skating associations in the United States and there are competitive and test programs that are available to figure skaters of all ages and levels.

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