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Get Started Figure Skating

Learn beginning figure skating essentials. Learn about types of figure skating. Learn about the practice and training required for the type of figure skating you choose to pursue.
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  2. Branches of Figure Skating (22)
  3. Ice Skating Moves (8)
  4. Figure Skating Books (38)

Beginning Ice Skater's Practice Plan
New ice skaters have a difficult time figuring out how and what to practice. This is a recommended practice plan for a new ice skater.

How to Ice Skate
Ice skating is fun and easy. This short article will help you get started.

Behind every great Figure Skater is an awesome Dad with an empty wallet
It is obvious that behind every figure skater is an "awesome dad" (or mom) and wonderful and supportive parents.

Aviator Sports - One of the Top Rated Skating Rinks In the USA
Aviator Sports and Events Center is considered to be one of the best ice skating rinks in the New York City metropolitan area.

How To Do a Dip On Ice Skates
Doing dips on ice skates is fun and easy and will also boost a new figure skater's confidence. In addition, doing a dip will help skaters master the fear of falling.

How to Have Fun Ice Skating
Sometimes figure skaters work so hard that they forget to go to public sessions and enjoy their time skating. This article lists ways to be happy at the ice skating rink.

Ice Skate Outdoors in Southern California
This article lists some of southern California's best outdoor ice skating rinks.

Figure Skating Poems - Submit Your Own Figure Skating Poem
Are you passionate about figure skating? Do you have a poem to share that tells about your love of the sport. Share your poem with About.com Figure Skating's readers. Happy Skating!

Olympic Figure Skating Coach Tom Zakrajsek Gives Back to His Community
Olympic figure skating coach Tom Zakrajsek gave back to his community during the holiday season 2013.

Ice Skating Rinks In Southern California
There are several indoor ice skating rinks in southern California that are open year-round.

USFSA - United States Figure Skating Association
USFSA, United States Figure Skating Association was the former name of U.S. Figure Skating until 2003.

Ways to Encourage Boys to Consider Figure Skating
This article is meant to give those who love skating some ideas on how to encourage boys and men to consider figure skating. It's just not true that hockey is for boys and figure skating is for girls.

Jersey On Ice - A 2012 Figure Skating Reality Show
Jersey On Ice, a pilot for a figure skating reality television show, premiered on The Learning Channel in December of 2012.

Philadelphia Skating Club & Humane Society - The Oldest Skating Club in the USA
The Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society is America's oldest figure skating club. The club also owns and operates its own facility which is unique in the USA.

THE RINKS - Skating Arenas Operated by the Anaheim Ducks
The Anaheim Ducks owns and operates several skating facilities in southern California.

The Rink: It's Where I Belong
For figure skaters, ice rinks are like second homes, but also are the places where tears and hopes are made.

How to Prepare for the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Figure Skating Test
To master positions and edges and turns necessary for figure skating, skaters do Moves in the Field tests. The first Moves in the Field test a skater will take is the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Test, which is sometimes called the "Pre-Pre Moves." This short article gives some tips on how to prepare for that test.

Figure Skating Lessons and Practice
The "Guide For New Ice Skaters" series is meant to help new ice skaters understand the complex figure skating world. This part of the series addresses group and private ice skating lessons and practice.

Little Children Can Learn to Ice Skate
This article gives advice on how and when a parent should get a child started at figure skating. Also, what to expect from tot group ice skating lessons is outlined and discussed.

Enjoy Figure Skating Year Round in Sun Valley, Idaho
Sun Valley, Idaho is a favorite vacation destination for figure skaters.

The Figure Skating World Is Similar to the World of Harry Potter
Harry Potter's world and life is certainly not ordinary. Figure skaters also lead out of the ordinary lives.

Train Like an Olympic Figure Skater
All figure skaters can train like Olympians. Here's how!

Citi Pond in Bryant Park - Ice Skate for Free in New York City
The City Pond outdoor ice skating rink in Bryant Park is one of New York City's most affordable attractions.

Could Your Life Be A Television Reality Show About Figure Skating? - Share...
Some people feel that a reality television show would show a bad side of figure skating and would not really represent the sport, but, if those involved could really have a say on what would be aired on television, the public would learn so much about the ice skating world. Why would your life make a great reality show about figure skating? ...

Step-by-Step Beginning Ice Skating Lesson
There are certain things new skaters learn in beginning ice skating lessons. This article lists and describes those things.

What to Expect At Your First Ice Skating Lesson
This article gives a short summary on what to expect at your first ice skating lesson.

How to Choose an Ice Rink To Match Your Figure Skating Goals and Needs
This article will help those interested in becoming figure skaters get an idea of what to look for in an ice rink.

Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat
Spending time in an ice arena will not only keep you young and fit, but is a great way to beat the summer heat.

What Skating Mothers Do
This article explains the message of the figure skating photo collage "Skate Moms" that appeared on Facebook and the internet in February of 2012.

Review Of US Figure Skating's Skate Coach App For iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad
In 2011, US Figure Skating introduced an App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that makes US Figure Skating's entire Basic Skills curriculum available to Apple users. This article reviews the product.

Concussions In Figure Skating - Ice Skating Is a Sport that May Cause...
Concussions in figure skating are traumatic head injuries that can be both mild and severe. Have you ever had a concussion after hitting your head while ice skating? How did your coach or parent handle the injury? Was there a long recovery process?

Ice Skating Is Fun!
Ice skating can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This article outlines the joys and benefits of the sport.

About.com Figure Skating's 2011 Reader's Choice Awards Winners
In January 2011, About.com Figure Skating participated in the About.com Reader's Choice Awards. Readers were asked to nominate their favorite figure skates for entry level skaters and their favorite figure skaters of 2010. After a nomination period, finalists were chosen. Then, readers cast their votes.

How to Become a Figure Skater
Do you want to get an idea of what's involved in becoming a figure skater? Before you begin to skate, there are things you should know. This article outlines some of those things. Also, information is given on how to improve and advance at the sport.

Fun Games Figure Skaters Can Play At the Skating Rink
This article lists some games that can be played on the ice to make skating fun.

Figure Skating Can Prevent Weight Gain
Ice skating can help prevent obesity in children. Parents should encourage their children to ice skate.

What's So Great About Figure Skating?
MySkatingMall.com and 2003 US Men's Figure Skating Bronze Medalist Ryan Jahnke put together a video called "What's So Great About Figure Skating?" Ryan asked figure skaters, figure skating parents, and ice skating fans to make short videos answering that question. This article lists and summarizes some of what was included in the video.

Get Started Figure Skating
This article gives step by step instructions on how to begin figure skating.

Figure Skating Secrets for Ice Hockey Players
This article takes some secrets from figure skating and applies them to power hockey skating techniques.

Why Do You Skate? - Share Why You Love Figure Skating
Everyone has a reason to figure skate. Some people just like the feeling of gliding on the ice. Some people like getting exercise inside an ice rink. Others like spinning and jumping. Many say that figure skating is challenging and there are always new things to learn. Why do you skate?

About.com's Reader's Choice Awards 2011
It's time to start voting for the Reader's Choice Awards 2011. The nomination process took place in January. Now that the top nominees have been selected, it's time to let us know which ones deserve to be this year's winners of About.com's Figure Skating Reader's Choice Awards 2011.

Advice For Young Ice Skaters From Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen
Figure Skater Sasha Cohen won a Silver Medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics and she is the 2006 United States Figure Skating Ladies Champion. During the time that she was doing rehearsals for Stars on Ice 2010, About.com's Guide to Figure Skating, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, had the chance to interview her. The most significant thing that Cohen had to share was advice for today's young figure…

Ice Skating Is Like a "Fountain of Youth"
Some people believe that spending time in a refrigerated ice rink delays the aging process.

How to Lace Figure Skates
Correct lacing of figure skates is very important and must be done a certain way.

How to Fall and Get Up on Figure Skates
Knowing how to fall and get up correctly on skates is essential for all figure skaters.

How to Move Forward on Ice Skates
This article will help teach beginning skaters how to move forward on the ice.

Don't Cry If You Fall Down On Ice Skates
If a figure skater falls while skating, it is best to not cry in public. This article will give ice skaters some advice on how to handle ice skating falls.

How to Do a Snowplow Stop
Stopping on the ice is essential for every figure skater. This is the first and easiest stop a skater must master.

What to Expect At Your First Group Beginning Ice Skating Lesson
Read about the things figure skaters learn in a beginning ice skating class.

A Lesson on Forward Crossovers
Crossovers are the way skaters move around corners and the ends of a rink. Mastering forward crossovers make a figure skater better and faster.

Review of ICERSIZE! Level 1 - An Ice Skating Exercise DVD
ICERSIZE TM Fitness was created by figure skatng coach Valerie Palencar. In the Icersize! Level 1 DVD, basic ice skating techniques are put together into an exercise class. People of all ages and skating levels will benefit from Icersize.

Bumper Cars Is a Fun Ice Skating Game
"Bumpers Cars" is a game that can make ice skating fun. About.com's Guide to Figure Skating, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, invented the game. Anyone who teaches group ice skating lessons will discover that the "Bumper Car Ice Skating Game" will become a favorite in learn to skate classes.

How to Do a Shoot the Duck
A shoot the duck is a fun ice skating move where the skater bends all the way down to the ice and glides on one foot while kicking the other foot completely forward. Directions on how to do the shoot the duck on ice are given in this article.

Rink Management Services Corporation - An Ice Rink Management Company
Rink Management Services is a company that manages indoor and outdoor ice rinks, municipal and city rinks, seasonal and portable ice rinks, ice arenas in malls, sports arenas, and athletic recreation facilities.

Figure Skating for Life - An Article by Ryan Jahnke
Ryan Jahnke won the bronze medal at the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in 2003. He now coaches figure skating in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jahnke is the founder of MySkatingMall.com, a marketplace to buy and sell new and used skating items. He is also a PSA Master Rated Coach in Freestyle and Field Moves. IIn this article, he...

Types of Figure Skating
Figure Skating has four major branches: Singles, Pairs, Dance, and Synchronized Skating.

Share Your Own Figure Skating Tips, Ideas, and Experiences
Do you have an ice skating tip or trick to share? Here, About.com readers can share their own figure skating tips, ideas, technigues, and experiences.

A Figure Skater's Gift Basket
Sue Woods is an adult figure skater. When her birthday came up, she put together a figure skater's birthday wish list. About.com's Guide to Figure Skating, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, was so impressed with the list, that she asked if she could share it with About.com's readers. The gift suggestions on Sue's list will be useful to anyone who...

Did Your Know That Figure Skating Helps Improve Ice Hockey Skating Skills?
The transition from figure to hockey skates is relatively easy. Boys and girls can figure skate and play hockey at the same time.

Figure Skating and Gymnastics - Similarities Between the Two Sports
There are some things that are similar about gymnastics and figure skating. This short article compares the two sports.

Ice Skating Is Fun - Ice Skating Is for Children and Adults
Why do you like to ice skate?

US Figure Skating's Basic Skills Program
The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program is the official learn-to-skate program for figure skating in the United States.

IceNetwork.com's INcrowd - Social Networking for Ice Skaters and Skating Fans
IceNetwork's INcrowd is a social networking service. With INcrowd, ice skaters and figure skating fans can come together and share their passion for the sport.

About. Figure Skating 360 - FigureSkating360.com
Figure Skating 360 is a website that links everyone in the figure skating community. The site is for figure skaters, figure skating coaches, and ice skating fans.

Friendly Ice Skating Rinks
This is a list of some of the most friendly and happy ice rinks in the United States.

Skate in the Summer
Summer is a great time to put in extra hours on the ice. Most ice arenas set up summer skating programs that will keep figure skaters cool and busy. Some facilities offer special figure skating classes for skaters.

Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating clothing. This article will give skaters some assistance on where to find skating attire.

How to Wear Your Hair for Figure Skating
In addition to wearing proper ice skating clothes, a figure skater must make sure his or her hair looks nice. A nice hairstyle will make most figure skaters skate better.

How Can Financial Donations Be Given to Competitive Figure Skaters?
Figure skating is very expensive. Most figure skaters and their families struggle to pay for skating. This short article gives some information on the ways that tax-deductable donations can be given to aspiring figure skaters.

What is the Difference Between the ISI and USFS Figure Skating Associations?
There are two different figure skating associations in the United States: Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and US Figure Skating (USFS). What are the differences?

What is CanSkate?
CanSkate is the Canadian learn-to-skate program taught by NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certified professional coaches. Program assistants also help with the program.

Why Should Skaters Join a Figure Skating Club?
Once a skater is ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests or compete in competitions beyond the Basic Skills level, it is time to join a figure skating club.

How Much Do Private Ice Skating Lessons Cost?
The cost of private figure skating instruction can vary, but in almost all instances, the skater must be aware that he or she must pay the rink for admission and ice time and also pay a separate fee to the figure skating coach for the lesson.

Figure Skating Freestyle Session Etiquette
There are certain guidelines figure skaters must follow when they skate and practice on freestyle sessions. This article lists some of those guidelines.

What is the Ideal Practice Schedule for a Figure Skater in Training?
Many people that enter figure skating don't know how often an ice skater needs to skate to improve. This short article will help answer that concern.

Figure Skating Secrets for Ice Hockey Players
This article takes some secrets from figure skating and applies them to power hockey skating techniques. Most of these drills can be practiced on public ice skating sessions. Players can begin each drill from behind the goal line and then skate most of the drills around the entire ice surface using both lengths of the arena (except the...

Review of "Training Figure Skaters" - A Book by Jack Curtis
"Training Figure Skaters" by Jack Curtis is a manual for ice skating parents and skaters.

Outdoor Places to Ice Skate
At one time, all ice skating took place outside. Today, most people skate at indoor ice rinks, but there are still some wonderful outdoor ice rinks. This is a list of some of the top outdoor places to ice skate.

Camps and Summer Skating Programs for Figure Skaters
Figure skaters can go to camp during the summer. Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States.

Brooklyn Ice - A Free Figure Skating Program for School Children in Brooklyn
The mission of Brooklyn Ice is to make figure skating available to school children who live in the areas surrounding Bryant Park in Brooklyn, New York. Personal growth through figure skating is Brooklyn Ice's goal.

Figure Skating Organizations Around the World
Many countries around the world have a skating association or federation that governs figure skating.

Figure Skating at AllExperts.About.com
This is an online encyclopedia about figure skating.

How to Buy Figure Skates
This is a link from Dick's Sporting Goods that gives basic information on how to select figure skates.

Buying the Right Figure Skates for Your Child
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Basic Skills Parents Page. This article will assist you in purchasing figure skates.

Learn the Basics of Figure Skating
This link gives much information about figure skating and its history.

U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program
The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program helps skaters of all ages learn all the fundamentals of figure skating.

New York City's Ice Skating Rinks
There are several places to ice skate in New York City.

Figure Skating Associations
Most skating rinks have an affiliation with one of two national associations that govern figure skating. This is an excellent link that will explain these associations.

Amateur Figure Skating -- A Non-Geographic Community
This is an article by Edith K. Schneider, a parent and grandparent of serious competitive figure skaters, coaches, and officials, that describes the figure skating world.

Skating Ahead of the Curve
Figure skating coach Cheryl Richardson has developed this site. It is devoted to exploring questions surrounding training of figure skaters.

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