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Figure Skating Videos

Figure skating must be seen and videos make it possible for ice skaters, figure skating fans, and those who like to ice skate to see skating in action. This section includes several different short figure skating videos. Are you a video enthusiast, always uploading your latest figure skating videos to YouTube? I want to show your stuff! Email Jo Ann Schneider Farris, About.com's Figure Skating Guide, so that I can share your video on About.com.
  1. Videos of Famous Skaters (37)
  2. Videos of Skating Moves (33)
  3. Videos of Ice Dances (15)
  4. Skating Performances Videos (53)
  5. Synchronized Skating Videos (3)

Ice Diaries - Episode 1 - Part 1
"Ice Diaries" was a 2005-2006 television series shown on The Learning Channel that highlighted four top female U.S. figure skaters who could possibly make the 2006 Olympics.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Rudy Galindo 1989 US National Pair Skating Champions Video

Interview With Dalilah Sappenfield About Caydee Denney and John Coughlin 7-14-11
On July 14, 2001, pair figure skating coach, Dalilah Sappenfield, talks about her students, Caydee Denney and John Coughlin, who debuted their short program at the 2011 Summer Liberty Competition Aston, Pennsylvania.

Ice Skating Movies - Figure Skating Movies
What is your favorite ice skating movie? What is it about? Why is it your favorite?

Video of 1970 US Figure Skating Champion Janet Lynn
Janet Lynn was and is considered one of the best figure skaters in ice skating history. This video shows her winning and breathtaking performance at the 1970 US Figure Skating Championships which took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dalilah Sappenfield's Pair Skaters Helped Disabled Public School Children Skate
Dalilah Sappenfield's pair skaters helped developmentally disabled children from Thornton, Colorado's Mapleton Public Schools ice skate on April 28, 2009.

Video Montage of Women U.S. Figure Skating Champions
"U.S. Ladies Figure Skating Champions - A History," is a video montage put together by a user on YouTube.com. Almost every U.S. Ladies figure skating champion is shown.

Video Montage of Footwork
Footwork, in figure skating, is when steps and turns are put together on the ice in any creative way. This video montage shows some of the best ice skaters in the world doing footwork.

Figure Skating Video Montage to a Joni Mitchell Song
A figure skating fan and YouTube user put together a beautiful figure skating video montage of some favorite performances of figure skating champions to "River" by singer Joni Mitchell.

Video of Surya Bonaly's Backflip on Ice
French figure skater, Surya Bonaly, is famous for doing a backflip on the ice and landing it on one foot. Surya's backflip on the ice is considered her trademark move. This is a short video clip showing Surya Bonaly doing that trademark backflip.

Video of the Silent Coach Figure Skating Training Aid
The Silent Coach figure skating training aid makes it possible for figure skating coaches to not have to shout corrections across the rink as they teach skating lessons. This video shows the device in action.

Video of Alexei Mishin's Magic Vest - A Figure Skatting Training Aid
Mishin's Magic Vest allows a figure skater to hear sound signals if positions are correct while doing figure skating jumps. This video presentation shows Alexei Mishin's Magic Vest in action.

Video Demonstrating the Skate Spinner Figure Skating Training Aid
Skate Spinner is a figure skating training aid that simulates the skating blade on the ice. Figure skaters can practice jumps and spins anywhere with Skate Spinner. This YouTube video shows the product in action.

Pair Skating Coach Dalilah Sappenfield Honored
Pair skating coach Dalilah Sappenfield made history in 2008. Her students won the novice, junior, and senior pair titles at the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. This is the first time in U.S. figure skating history that one coach taught all the national pair champions. She was honored at the beginning of the Denver "Showtime on Ice" show on April 25, 2008 and presented with flowers.

Video About the History of Russian Pair Skating
This video, made in the 1970s, shows how young children were chosen in the Soviet Union and molded into pair skaters.

Video of Kathy Johnson Teaching a Modern Dance Class to Elite Ice Skaters
Modern dance teacher and choreographer, Kathy Johnson, specializes in coaching elite figure skaters. In this video, Johnson teaches a class to some of the top ice skaters in the United States.

About.com's Figure Skating Guide Jo Ann Schneider Farris Skating on Skis
Cross country skating on skis is easy for figure skaters, since the motions used are very similar to stroking on the ice. This video clip shows About.com's Figure Skating Guide Jo Ann Schneider Farris demonstrating how easy skating on skis is.

Video Showing How to Do Hair For Figure Skating in a Perfect Bun
This video demonstrates how to make a perfect bun for figure skating. It shows how to make a "donut bun."

Video of the Grand March
Ice dancers from all over the United States and Canada come to Denver each May for the annual Dance Weekend with Carol Fox. The event takes place at the South Suburban Ice Arena in Littleton, Colorado and includes ten hours of ice dancing and instruction. One of the fun on-ice activities that takes place during the weekend is the Grand March. This video shows that fun activity in action. This particular Grand March took place on Saturday, May 17, 2008.

Ice Theatre of New York - Figure Skating Outreach to Public School Children
Ice Theatre of New York gives skating clinics and outreaches to public school children. The children are from Harlem and Washington Heights. This video shows a wonderful day that some of these children experienced. Some of the children in this video had never seen or tried ice skating before.

Video Montage of Ice Capades
This video montage shows fifty years of Ice Capades memories.

2013 Evening on Ice - From Jay Adeff, International Figure Skating Magazine
This is a behind-the-scenes video of the 2013 Evening on Ice fundraiser (US Athletic Foundation) for International Figure Skating Magazine by Jay Adeff who is a photographer for US Figure Skating events and a videographer for International Figure Skating Magazine.

Ice Skating Instructional Videos By Dmitri Olympiev
Dmitri Olympiev, a coach at Pines Ice Arena in Florida, has put together a series of free online instructional ice skating videos. Included are how to do forward and backward swizzles, how to stop, gliding on one foot, forward and backward stroking, forward and backward crossovers, three turns, mohawks, edges, and spins.

Skateweb Video Archive
Sandra Loosemore of Skateweb has put together a video archive of historical figure skating videos.

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