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In Which Direction Should a Skater Jump and Spin?


Which Way Should a Skater Jump and Spin?

Which Way Should a Skater Jump and Spin?

Photo Courtesy of the JUMP-SPIN Skate Company

Most skaters are right-footed skaters. What does that mean?:

Being a right-footed skater means that the jumps rotate in a counter-clockwise direction and are landed on the right foot. Most skaters enter a spin on the left foot and exit out of spins on the right foot.

Some skaters do everything in the opposite direction:

They jump and spin to the right, land jumps on the left foot and exit out of spins on the left foot. They are left-footed.

How do you decide which direction is best for you?:

First try everything right-footed. If you notice that your left foot seems stronger when you glide backward, there is a good chance you are left-footed. Note the direction in which spinning seems more natural to you. If your left foot seems more stable and you like entering spins with the right foot, you are probably left-footed.

Which way you jump and spin does not always correspond to the way you write:

Some people are right-handed and left-footed. Some skaters are right-handed and right-footed. Some skaters are left-handed and right-footed

A skater cannot jump one way and spin the other!:

If you prefer landing on your right foot, you must spin with the left foot and exit out of spins on the right leg. You have no choice; otherwise, when you get to more advanced moves, nothing will work properly.

For example, a good back spin is necessary to do jumps:

All skaters need to master the back spin before doing an axel. If a skater is not comfortable spinning backward in the same direction he or she will need to do when spinning in the air, the difficult jumps will never be mastered.

Spinning and jumpiing in the same direction is important for choreography:

The choreography of a skating routine will look lopsided and wrong if the spins and jumps are done in different directions.

Stick to jumping and spinning in the same direction:

Even if you skate just for fun, don't mix up your spinning and jumping direction.
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