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Figure Skating Techniques

Learn to Figure Skate


Learn to Figure Skate

Learn to Figure Skate

Painting Courtesy of Artist Larisa Gendernalik
There are many moves figure skaters must master. This article includes links to lessons on falling and getting up on skates, how to stop, how to skate forward, and how to spin and jump.

  • Learn How to Stop
    After learning how to fall and get up, a new figure skater should learn how to stop on the ice.

  • How To Move Forward on Ice Skates
    The next thing most beginning ice skaters learn (after mastering falling down, getting up, and stopping), is how to move forward on the ice.

  • How to Spin
    Learning to spin on skates is not easy, but is fun!

  • How to Do a Spiral
    A spiral or arabesque is an ice skating move done on one foot where the free leg and back are horizontal to the ice. Most new beginning figure skaters can master this move.

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