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Suggested Meal Plan for Figure Skaters

Figure Skaters Eating Plan


Milk and Cereal in bowl with Strawberries
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Figure skaters of all ages must eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating right should begin when ice skaters are young. This article includes a suggested meal plan for figure skaters.

(Tips in this article on why certain foods should be eaten came from nutritionist and wellness coach Ellen Albertson.)

Note: Sports drink or water should be consumed throughout the day.


Start your day with a quick, simple, easy and nutritious breakfast thats packed with fiber (found in fruit and high fiber cereals) and calcium (found in milk) two nutrients often lacking in the diet.

Nonfat milk

Mid-Morning Snack

A mid morning snack of yogurt or fruit is a portable way to keep energy levels high.

Fruit or Yogurt


A bean-based vegetarian soup or a turkey sandwich with veggies will help you get your recommended five servings a day of vegetables, plus you'll get complex carbs to use as energy later and protein to keep your brain humming throughout the afternoon.

Turkey Sandwich
Oatmeal cookies

Afternoon Snack

Another opportunity to sneak in a little more calcium and another serving of fruit. Plus, if you plan on skating in the afternoon you'll have sustainable energy to keep you going.

String Cheese


Lean meat is packed with muscle repairing protein without the saturated fat. Add a packed potato to refuel your muscles energy stores. Keep the skin and add a green vegetable for a dose of iron.

Lean Meat
Baked Potato
Green Vegetable

Evening Snack

Peanut butter provides your body with healthy fats plus the gram crackers and milk are a recipe for a good night's sleep.

Peanut butter
Graham crackers
Nonfat milk

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