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For Parents of Skaters

Learn how to balance your skating child's life and get tips on how to be a supportive skating parent. Teach your child how to eat and drink and also be an athlete. Learn how to build your child's confidence.
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How to Be a Figure Skating Parent
Being the parent of a figure skater is a very hard job. There many things a parent of a figure skater must do. This short article outlines some of those things.

How To Combine Figure Skating and School
It is possible to train as a figure skater and also be an excellent student.

High Cost of Figure Skating Solutions
Do you have ideas on how to make figure skating affordable? Share your thoughts.

Primary Coach - Every Figure Skater Needs a Main Coach
One coach should take charge of a skater's training.

Parents Film Surprise "Thrift Shop" Figure Skating Parody Video
This very original music video sums up the life of a young figure skater and synchronized skater.

Behind every great Figure Skater is an awesome Dad with an empty wallet
Every figure skater must have a supportive parent who pays for the high costs related to figure skating.

The Way Figure Skating Is Paid For Must Change!
Figure skating is a very expensive sport. This article proposes a solution that could possibly make figure skating affordable and keep more ice skaters in the sport.

How To Do an Axel
The Axel jump may be the hardest jump for many figure skaters. Once ice skaters master an Axel, the double jumps come quickly. This short article outlines some steps that will help a figure skater master an Axel jump.

Kellen Johnson's Figure Skating Story Poem
In April of 2014, Kellen Johnson, the 2014 US intermediate men's figure skating champion, wrote a poem about his love of figure skating.

Proper Behavior for a Skating Parent
Parents of figure skaters need to follow certain guidelines. This article gives advice on how to be the best skating parent.

A Family of Competitive Figure Skaters
If done well, a television reality show about a figure skating family could teach the public much about the ice skating world.

Should a Skater Leave a Figure Skating Coach For Something That May Be "Better?"
Parents of young figure skaters may wonder when it is time to make a coaching change. Is it better to be a "big fish," that is, the "star skater" of an unknown or up and coming figure skating coach who is based at an obscure ice rink or club, or to move on to a coach and training facility, rink, or club that already produced top skaters?

Concussions In Figure Skating
Figure skating is a dangerous sport. When a skater hits his or her head while skating, there is a possibility of a concussion. Parents, coaches, and skaters should be aware of the dangers of a concussion.

Train Like an Olympic Figure Skater
All figure skaters can train like Olympians. Here's how!

How to Guide a Young Child Towards Becoming a Figure Skating Champion
This article outlines what parents of young figure skaters must do if they wish to see their child become a figure skating champion. Olympic figure skating coach, Tom Zakrajsek, gives his advice.

At What Age Can I Get My Child Started With Ice Skating?
Very young children can ice skate. Many ice arenas offer ice skating lessons for toddlers.

Team Teaching In Figure Skating May Create Champions
Team teaching is when more than one person has a say in a figure skater's development and training. A "team of coaches" work together.

About Sophia North: A Young Figure Skater
This article shows how Sophia North, a young figure skater, takes skating seriously. The article is meant to provide guidance for parents of other young skaters.

Make Your Child the Best Figure Skater Possible - Be a Figure Skating Champion
This article outlines what parents of young figure skaters must do if they wish to guide their child into becoming the best figure skater possible. This article is for those with Olympic figure skating dreams.

Figure Skating Parents Can Be Similar To "Dance Moms"
This article compares the mothers shown on the reality television show "Dance Moms" with competitive figure skating parents.

Figure Skating Parents Should Keep a Good Relationship With Former Coaches
Parents of figure skaters need to know that saying bad things about a former coach is just not appropriate.

Figure Skating Parent Competition Behavior Guildelines
This article gives parents an idea on how to behave at figure skating competitions. Certain guidelines should be followed.

Little Children Can Learn to Ice Skate
This article gives advice on how and when a parent should get a child started at figure skating. Also, what to expect from tot group ice skating lessons is outlined and discussed.

National Championship for Juvenile and Intermediate Figure Skaters
Beginning in 2013, Juvenile and Intermediate figure skaters who qualify compete at a competition scheduled in conjunction with the United States National Figure Skating Championships.

Teaching Skating Classes Is a Bit Like Going Fishing!
Coaches must teach classes in order to build a private lesson clientele. In a sense, learn-to-skate classes are equivalent to fishponds.

Skating and Cults Have Some Common Characteristics
The competitive figure skating world may make no sense to those who look in from the outside.

What Skating Mothers Do
This article explains the message of the figure skating photo collage "Skate Moms" that appeared on Facebook and the internet in February of 2012.

Should Figure Skating Parents Yell At Their Children At the Rink?
If you saw a parent yelling at a figure skater at an ice rink, would you do anything about it?

Figure Skating Injuries - Should a Coach Force a Figure Skater to Compete...
Should a coach force a figure skater to compete and warm up after being injured in a competition warm-up? Share your thoughts and experiences.

Figure Skating Rinks - Is Your Ice Arena a Good Rink for Figure Skating?
Some ice rinks may be only for recreational skating or for ice hockey. Other rinks may be geared especially for figure skating and will have coaches on staff who are able to take an ice skater all the way from the beginning stages to the elite level. Is your ice arena a good facility for figure skating? Share information about your rink and...

Ice Skating Games - Fun Games Figure Skaters Can Play At the Skating Rink
Ice skating games make figure skating fun for skaters, their family, and friends. Can you add some more skating games to this list?

The Ten Commandments for Figure Skating Parents
"The Ten Commandments for Figure Skating Parents" is reprinted with permission from Jimmie Santee, the Executive Director of the PSA Professional Skaters Association.

10 Commandments for Figure Skaters
The 10 Commandments for Figure Skaters is a list of behavior guidelines for ice skaters.

Eating Disorders and Figure Skating
Figure skating does not cause eating disorders, but certain factors make figure skaters more prone to them. This is because figure skaters feel self-conscious about their bodies since physical appearance is important and is a big issue in figure skating.

Behavior Guidelines for Figure Skaters
This article gives some general guidelines on how figure skaters should behave and also live their lives.

Is Your Ice Rink Safe?
It has been publicized that carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in ice rinks. Rinks that use ice resurfacing machines that are fuel powered, not electric, can give off dangerous fumes. Only a few states have set up safety standards for ice rinks.

Ice Skating Birthday Parties
Ice skating birthday parties are fun. This article gives some ideas on ways to celebrate a birthday at a skating rink.

Facebook, Social Networking, and Figure Skating Ethics
Figure skating coaches are not permitted to solicit skating students, who are already working with another coach. This means that using Facebook or other social networking sites to solicit skaters who are already taking lessons from another figure skating coach is a violation of the PSA Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics.

Does Cyber Bullying Exist In the Figure Skating World?
Cyber bullying is sending or posting harmful or cruel information using the internet or other digital communication. Since the internet and social networking is so popular among young people, including figure skaters, a serious concern for ice skating families is that cyber bullying could possibly exist in the figure skating world. This article addresses this issue.

Bullying In the Figure Skating World - Bullying Among Ice Skaters
What can be done to stop bullying in the figure skating world?

Review of "Training Figure Skaters" - A Book by Jack Curtis
"Training Figure Skaters" by Jack Curtis is a manual for ice skating parents and skaters.

Education Alternatives for Figure Skaters
This article lists some of the alternative forms of education that are popular among figure skaters.

Photos of Evan Lysacek's Family At the 2010 Olympics In Vancouver
On February 18, 2010, Evan Lysacek became the 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Champion. His family was in Vancouver to help him celebrate his gold medal victory.

An Interview With Allison Scott, the Mother of OlympianJeremy Abbott
This interview is with Allison Scott, the mother of Olympic figure skater and 2009 and 2010 U.S. Men's Figure Skating Champion, Jeremy Abbott. Mrs. Scott answered these questions just after Jeremy Abbott and his family returned to the U.S. after the 2010 Olympic Winter Games which took place in Vancouver in February of 2010.

Skates on Our Feet - Chapter One
Skates on Our Feet is a fictional account, based on fact, geared for young readers, of one family's figure skating story. On a regular basis, About.com's Figure Skating Guide, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, will add another chapter to this story. Through this story, those interested in figure skating will learn about the sacrifices and commitment...

Can Serious Figure Skaters Train and Also Go to School?
A very controversial issue in figure skating is the issue of school. As figure skating training schedules increase, figure skaters find it very difficult to attend school and sometimes must decide to not attend a physical school at all. Should figure skaters consider homeschooling, distance education, or virtual education?

Figure Skating and School - Can Figure Skaters Attend School?
Is it possible for a competitive figure skater to attend school full-time?

Beware of "Lobby Figure Skating Parents"
Those new to the skating world need to be aware that there can possibly be parents in an ice arena that can cause harm. These type of parents have been called "Lobby People" or "Lobby Figure Skating Parents."

K12 Distance School Curriculum - An Educational Alternative for Figure
K12 is an online distance school curriculum that is very popular among figure skaters.

Suggested Meal Plan for Figure Skaters
Figure skaters of all ages must eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating right should begin when ice skaters are young. This article includes a suggested meal plan figure skaters.

What Extra Fees Do Figure Skating Coaches Charge?
Figure skating coaches charge for everything related to a child's skating training. When a coach takes a child to an ice skating competition or event, there are fees for taking care of the student and for expenses. There are fees to prepare for tests, competitions, and shows. Those coaching skating must make a living.

How Can Financial Donations Be Given to Competitive Figure Skaters?
Figure skating is very expensive. Most figure skaters and their families struggle to pay for skating. This short article gives some information on the ways that tax-deductable donations can be given to aspiring figure skaters.

What is a Figure Skating Training Center?
A figure skating training center is more than just an ordinary ice skating rink. It is a place where many hours are devoted to figure skating training. Famous figure skating coaches draw skaters to the facility.

Winning Techniques Summer Figure Skating Camp
Winning Techniques Camp is a co-ed resident and day summer camp for children ages 4 to 16. Campers can choose a weekly specialty program from 10 sports options; one of the options includes figure skating.

The Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall
Figure skaters from all over the the world come to Colorado Springs to train at the Colorado Springs World Arena. The facility is also the home of the Broadmoor Skating Club.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s School - A Boarding School for Figure Skaters
Shattuck-St. Mary’s School is a boarding school that offers a full-time figure skating program. Top coaches and training are provided for students. The program is college preparatory. Shattuck-St. Mary’s School is the first private boarding school in the United States to offer figure skating training.

Camps and Summer Skating Programs for Figure Skaters
Figure skaters can go to camp during the summer. Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States.

Qualities of Top National Figure Skating Competitors by Ryan Jahnke
Ryan Jahnke teaches a weekly, "Train Your Brain" class to his young figure skating students. As a group, they came up with a list of qualities that almost all national figure skating competitors have in common. This is a list of those qualities.

Sharon, Mark, and Ethan Crowe - A Figure Skating Family
Sharon, Mark, and Ethan Crowe are an ice skating family. Sharon is an adult figure skater, Mark is an adult who enjoys skating with his family, and young Ethan is an aspiring young figure skater.

Lester and Annette Cramer - Parents of Champion Figure Skater Scott Cramer
Behind every successful figure skater, there are usually very supportive and loving parents. Scott Cramer's parents are an example of the best parents a figure skater can have.

Get Started Figure Skating
This article gives step by step instructions on how to begin figure skating.

Little Children Can Learn to Ice Skate
Some parents get their children started with ice skating as soon as they can walk. Others wait just a bit longer. What was it like when your child first tried ice skating? Share your stories and thoughts about when a child can begin to ice skate.

Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating clothing. This article will give skaters some assistance on where to find skating attire.

How to Switch Figure Skating Coaches
Parents and skaters need to be aware that there are some guidelines all skating coaches follow when a skater switches coaches.

New Year's Resolutions for Figure Skaters
At the beginning of the New Year, figure skaters should take the time to think about the things in their training that could be improved. This article gives some ideas for "New Year's Resolutions for Figure Skaters."

Share Your Thoughts on Social Networking, and Figure Skating Ethics
Experienced figure skating coaches know that it's okay to be friendly to other skaters, but being overly friendly, is not a good idea. For this reason, figure skating coaches, parents, and skaters should be cautious on how they use Facebook and social networking sites when interacting with skaters. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Behind every great Figure Skater is an awesome Dad with an empty wallet
It is obvious that behind every figure skater is an "awesome dad" (or mom) and wonderful and supportive parents.

Buying the Right Figure Skates for Your Child
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Basic Skills Parents Page. This article will assist you in purchasing figure skates.

Finding A Coach -- What Every Parent Should Know
This is an excellent article that appears on the U.S. Figure Skating website.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in a Skater
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Parents Page. It gives suggestions on how a parent can be supportive to a figure skater.

As the Blade Turns - A Figure Skating Soap Opera
Our story is centered at a figure skating facility located in the mountains. Figure skaters from all over the world come to the facility since some of the best ice skating coaches in the U.S. are teaching there. Drama and jealously goes on each day at this particular ice arena. Although the stories included in "As the Blade Turns" may be true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Ask Skating Moms
This is a site put together by some parents of figure skaters. It gives advice on costumes, volunteering, choosing a skating coach, what to expect at competitions, and many other topics.

Amateur Figure Skating -- A Non-Geographic Community
This is an article by Edith K. Schneider, a parent and grandparent of serious competitive figure skaters, coaches, and officials, that describes the figure skating world.

Skating Ahead of the Curve
Figure skating coach Cheryl Richardson has developed this site. It is devoted to exploring questions surrounding training of figure skaters.

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