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On Edge (2003)

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On Edge (2003)

On Edge (2003)

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The Bottom Line

On Edge is a clever and a funny satire on the world of figure skating. It is told in a mock documentary style. The makers of On Edge do understand the world of figure skating because all of the characters and the situations shown really do exist.
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  • This movie does point out some things that are accurate about the figure skating world.
  • This movie is quite funny.


  • The movie is rated R and has some content that is not appropriate for young figure skaters.


  • On Edge is a funny satire on figure skating.
  • It is told in a mock documentary style.
  • Figure skating stereotypes are included.
  • This movie will make any viewer laugh.

Guide Review - On Edge (2003)

The movie focuses on three skaters preparing for a regional competition. There are behind-the-scene dramas.

All the stereotypes of the figure skating world are included in the movie. There's an obnoxious skating mother who lives through her daughter. There's a tough girl who is modeled after Tonya Harding. Then there's an overweight skater who lands amazing triple jumps. She is hurt by the perception that figure skaters must be thin.

One skater doesn't skate but just poses on the ice. There's also a very funny Russian trainer.

"Zamboni Phil," played by Seinfeld's Jason Alexander, serves as the unofficial host and commentator.

1984 Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton plays a former president of the skating association and judge. He says some very funny things about figure skating judges and skaters in general. He gives us a humorous insight into the mentality of figure skating officials.

Real figure skaters, Peter Caruthers, Tai Babilonia, Kristi Yamaguchi, Stephen Cousins, and Randy Gardner, are the judges at one of the competitions.

The movie also shows that much of the grace of figure skating no longer exists and is about making money; however, On Edge is a cute movie and will make any viewer smile.

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