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Review of On Thin Ice

The Second Figure Skating Murder Mystery By Alina Adams

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On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Courtesy Alina Adams

The Bottom Line:

On Thin Ice, the second figure skating murder mystery in Alina Adams series about television figure skating researcher and sleuth Rebecca "Bex" Levy, will not disappoint readers. Although not much skating actually takes place in the story, the author shares her view of the competitive figure skating world in an amusing and entertaining way.


  • On Thin Ice is an easy read. The entire story is a "page-turner" and can be read in a day or two.
  • Ice skating fans will enjoy reading the author's comments about the competitive figure skating world.


  • Not much figure skating actually takes place in the book. Instead, there is discussion about what happened to certain, and once famous, elite competitive figure skaters.
  • The plot doesn't seem realistic at all, but is fun nevertheless.


  • 256 pages
  • Published by Berkley Publishing Group in 2004
  • Available in hardcover, large print, paperback, and as enhanced multimedia for Nook, Kindle, and Kindle for PC.
  • The book's author is a New York Times best-selling author Alina Adams
  • On Thin Ice is the second book in the series of figure skating murder mysteries about television figure skating researcher and sleuth Bex Levy. The first murder mystery, Murder on Ice, also gives readers a glimpse into the elite ice skating world.

Guide Review - "On Thin Ice"

Figure skating researcher, Bex Levy, is asked the following shortly after she asks the father of thirteen year old skating prodigy, Jeremy Hunt, if she can do a television feature on Jeremy:

"How many of the skaters that you interview, on the average, are happy? And I mean honestly, truly happy, not just temporarily appeased by a piece of gold hanging around their anorexic necks?"

"I walk in the rink every day and I see a baker's dozen of talk show guests waiting to happen."

'One skater walks around like a zombie mumbling "If you believe it, it will happen." She has to say that one-hundred times a day.'

"Another skater has lived on her own since she was twelve. Our defending national ice dance champions have given each other a broken finger, a dislocated shoulder, a broken jaw, and two concussions. And that's off the ice. The Junior World Champion is on Prozac, but that hasn't kept him from ripping the hair out of his head and eating it. He says it relieves stress."

Mr. Hunt's comments may be said by a fictional character, but there may be some truth to his observations of the figure skating world. Figure skating researcher and sleuth, Bex Levy, also knows there is truth in his observations. Although she is unsuccessful in convincing Mr. Hunt to allow her to do a feature on Jeremy, she gets inspired, after listening to his comments, to do a feature on what ever happened to figure skating's former elite competitors.

Her research into the former skaters' lives takes an unusual turn when Rachel Rose, one of the former pair skating partners of former ice skating pair and singles sensation, Robby Sharpton, is found dead. It is obvious she is murdered.

Bex can't help but get involved in solving the murder case since she has been accused of causing the murder to happen by opening up the past in her television research. Her adventures and experiences in sleuthing in the story are entertaining and fun to read.

It should be mentioned that one of the characters in On Thin Ice, African-American figure skating coach, Antonia Wright, is based on Mabel Fairbanks, the first African-American skater who paved the way for African Americans and other figure skaters from minority backgrounds to be part of the sport.

Those who like murder mysteries and also love figure skating will find On Thin Ice to be a welcome addition to their reading libraries.

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