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Max Aaron - Hockey Highlights Video

The 2013 US Men's Figure Skating Champion Was Once an Elite Hockey Player

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Max Aaron Hockey Highlights

Max Aaron Hockey Highlights

Video on US Figure Skating's YouTube Channel

Max Aaron, the 2013 U.S. Men's Figure Skating Champion, began playing ice hockey when he was only three years old and played elite hockey for fourteen years.  A back injury ended Aaron's hopes of playing college hockey, but he continued figure skating.


This video shows some highlights of Max Aaron's hockey talent when he was twelve years old.  He began figure skating when he was nine.  In addition to playing hockey and doing figure skating, Aaron also participated in speed skating.  

It is obvious from this video that Aaron was an aggressive hockey player and that his hockey and speed skating skills and experience helped him with his figure skating skills.  Max Aaron is known for being fearless and athletic on the ice and won the 2013 US national men's title because of his ability to successfully land and perform quadruple figure skating jumps. 

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