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Elena Dostatni - About Colorado Springs World Arena's Director of Ice Dancing


Elena Khalyavina Dostatni With Partner Maxim Shabalin in 2000

Elena Khalyavina Dostatni With Partner Maxim Shabalin in 2000

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Ice Dancing Teacher:

In October, 2011, Elena Dostatni, became the Director of Ice Dancing at the Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall, one of the most famous figure skating training centers in the world. (On March 21, 2012, it was announced that the Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall was designated as an official United States Olympic training site for figure skating training.)

Date, Place of Birth, Early Skating:

Elena Khalyavina Dostatni was born on December 8, 1983 in Kirov, Russian (which at the time was the Soviet Union). She began ice skating in 1989.

Former Coaches and Training:

Elena Khalyavina coaches were Irina Fedorovyh, Boris Rublev, and Oleg Sudakov. Her choreographer was Sergei Petukhov. She trained in Samara, Russia and represented the Kirov Figure Skating Club, the CSKVVS Samara Figure Skating Club, and the Toliaty Figure Skating Club.


Alexander Glukhix was Elena's first ice dancing partner. They skated together for seven years and competed together through the senior level.

Maxim Shabalin was her next ice dance partner. They formed their partnership in 1999.

After the Khalyavina-Shabalin team ended their partnership in 2002, Shabalin went on to win the World Figure Skating Championships and an Olympic bronze medal with Oksana Domnina.

Other Achievements:

Dostatni holds a Russian Master of Sport title which is equivalent to a US Figure Skating Gold Medal.

Competition Highlights:

Some high points in Elena Khalyavina Dostatni's competitive skating career was winning a silver medal at the 2002 Junior World Figure Skating Championships and also winning the 2001 Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final. Both competitions are meant to give promising junior level skaters international experience.

Complete Competition Record:

  • Silver Medalist at the World Junior Championships of 2002 in Norway
  • Russian Junior National Champions of 2002
  • Bronze Medalist at the World Junior Championships of 2001 in Bulgaria
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Italy 2001, 1st place
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Poland 2001, 1st place
  • Final Junior Grand-Prix, Slovenia 2001, 1st place
  • Russian Junior National Championships, Moscow 2001, 2nd place
  • Final Junior Grand-Prix, Scotland 2000, 2nd place
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Norway 2000, 1st place
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Czech Republic 2000, 1st place
  • World Junior Championships 2000, Germany 10th place
  • Russian Junior Nationals Championships 2000, Moscow 3rd place
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Norway 1999, 3rd place
  • Junior Grand-Prix, Slovenia, 1999 1st place

Married Another Ice Dancer:

Elena Khalyavina married six-time Polish ice dancing champion Andrzej Dostatni (who finished in 17th place in ice dancing at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games). Andrzej is an ISU International Technical Specialist.

Professional Skating and Coaching Career:

Elena Dostatni first started to coach in her home town at the Kirov Figure Skating Club. Then, she skated in the professional skating shows in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Eventually, she moved to the United States and taught skating in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Idaho before coming to Colorado.

More About Elena Dostatni:

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