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Ola Kamieniecki - Polish Figure Skating Champion and Clothing Designer


Ola Kamieniecki - Polish Figure Skating Champion and Clothing Designer

Ola Kamieniecki - Polish Figure Skating Champion and Clothing Designer

Photo Courtesy Skating Designs

About Ola's Skating:

Ola Kamieniecki started skating when she was three years old. She competed in her first competition when she was four. By the time she was five, she landed an Axel. By the time she was seven years old, she was landing all her double jumps. When she was fourteen years old, she was able to land all of the triple jumps.

Also, at fourteen, Kamieniecki won the 2012 Polish National Figure Skating title and competed in the 2012 Junior World Figure Skating Championships.

Clothing Designer:

Ola has always enjoyed designing clothes, so her mother, Dorota Kamieniecki, the owner and operator of Skating Designs, thought it would be fun to launch a special line of figure skating clothes that showed off her daughter's creativity and love of skating.

Mrs. Kamieniecki says Ola's Collection was created so that figure skaters could look beautiful on and off the ice. She wants skaters to look elegant and classy in her figure skating designs.and be pretty.

Special Designs For Ice Skaters:

A distinctive characteristic of Ola's Collection are the skating shirts. The top part of some of the shirts in the colllection are made of lace and the bottom is made of Sportek; other designs include a distinct pattern at the top of the shirts. All of Ola's designs are meant to give skaters a stunning look on the ice. Matching Sportek figure skating pants are available.


Like many figure skaters, Kamieniecki has Olympic dreams. She hopes to represent Poland in the 2014 Winter Olympics that will take place in Sochi, Russia.

About the Kamieniecki Family:

Ola Kamieniecki began ice skating when her family lived in Phoenix, Arizona. The family escaped the Arizona heat by going to a cool ice skating rink.

In 2008, the Kamieniecki family moved from Arizona to Colorado for better skating opportunities. Kamieniecki's brother, Pawel, plays ice hockey.

Ola helps her mother with the Skating Designs business. In addition to designing her own line of figure skating clothes, she helps her mother with putting crystals on the designs, packing, and shipping.

Coaches and Training:

Although Ola Kamieniecki represents and competes for Poland, she lives and trains in the United States. Her family lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but due to the fact that training conditions are not always ideal for some international figure skaters at the Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall, Kamieniecki does some of her skating and training in Detroit.

Two-time Olympic figure skating champion and ice skating legend, Aleksandr Zaitsev, is Ola's primary coach. He travels from Russia to the United States especially to teach Ola. Her choreographer for 2012 was Pasquale Camerlengo.

Favorite Figure Skaters:

There are several famous figure skaters that have been Ola Kamieniecki's role models. Some of her favorite skaters are:

Sports and Hobbies:

In addition to figure skating, Ola enjoys roller skating, speed skating, skiing, fencing, gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, rock climbing, running, biking, baseball, ice hockey, and street hockey. She loves to travel, dance, and hike. She plays the piano and sews.

Volunteer Work:

Ola feels it is important to give back to others who may not be able to afford ice skating lessons. She donates her time in the United States and also in Europe helping beginning level skaters with basic figure skating skills.
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