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Figure Skating requires certain equipment. Learn about figure skates, skating clothes, blades, boots, and ice skating accessories in this section.
  1. Figure Skates
  2. Figure Skating Accessories
  3. Ice Skating Training Aids
  4. Figure Skating Clothes
  5. Figure Skating Books

Figure Skates

Figure Skates

Buying the correct boots and blades for figure skating is the most important decision a skater can make. Take time to learn how to make the best choice before purchasing figure skates. This section will help you make that choice.

Figure Skating Accessories

A Zuca Bag

There are so many things skaters need. Find out about those things here.

Ice Skating Training Aids

Tommy Steenberg - 2008 Eastern Sectional Men's Figure Skating Champion Uses Champion Cords

There are several different training aids available to help figure skaters with their training. Learn about the different figure skating training aids available in this section.

Figure Skating Clothes

Proper Figure Skating Clothes

Learn about practice wear for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced figure skater. Learn how to dress for competitions, exhibitions, tests, and performances. Learn about figure skating attire for boys and men. Learn about how hair should be worn for figure skating.

Figure Skating Books

There are many books about figure skating available. Get information on these resources in this section.

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