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Tests and Competitions

Get familiar with the recreational and competitive figure skating competitions and events that are available for ice skaters of all ages and levels. Learn about the figure skating test structure and figure skating associations.
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Understanding Figure Skating Tests and Levels
The figure skating test structure may be confusing to those new to ice skating. This article outlines and explains figure skating tests and levels.

Compete in Ice Skating Competitions
Opportunities to compete in figure skating competitions are available for all ages and levels of skaters.

How to Qualify for the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating
In this article, learn about the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition series and find out about how talented young and up and coming figure skaters get a chance to compete internationally.

When figure skaters compete at a skating level way below their ability of skating or test level, they can easily win. This practice, called "Sand-Bagging" is not encouraged, but it is a fact that it has been practiced in the ice skating world for many, many years.

Popped Jump
Sometimes, when a figure skater attempts to do a double, triple, or quadriple jump, he or she abandons the jump by not rotating and opens up in the air. He or she gives up on completing the jump and usually lands on two feet. This is called popping which is considered a very bad habit.

Review of "What Went Wrong With Figure Skating" - An Article by Dick Button
Figure skating legend, two-time Olympic figure skating champion, and figure skating sports commentator, Dick Button, wrote an article in late March of 2014 about figure skating's loss of popularity.

Figure Skating Competition Checklist
There are several things figure skaters must do to prepare for ice skating competitions. Some of these things include joining a figure skating club, paying for extra practice ice time, paying for extra coaching, buying the right figure skates, getting competition costumes made, buying tights, polishing skates, and making travel arrangements to...

Ice Skating Institute Open Freestyle Skating Competitions Levels and Tests
Ice Skating Institute's new Open Freestyle test and competition levels give figure skaters who want to take part in ISI competitions additional options.

Combined Solo Ice Dance Competitions Include Pattern and Free Dances
Solo ice dancers can now compete in combined pattern dance and free dance events.

Moves in the Field
US Figure Skating has slowly replaced required figure tests with a series of tests called Moves in the Field Tests.

How to Qualify for Regional Figure Skating Competitions
The figure skating competition season begins in the fall with regional figure skating competitions which usually take place in October of each year. To qualify to compete at regional figure skating competitions, certain U.S. Figure Skating test requirements are required.

Should a Coach Force a Figure Skater to Compete After Being Injured?
Should a figure skater be forced to continue warming up if he or she is injured during an official competition warm-up? This article addresses this issue.

Skaters Need To Experience Simulated Competitions, Exhibitions, and Critiques
Figure skaters need to experience simulated competitions, exhibitions, and critiques.

2012 US Figure Skating National Championships Preview
The 2012 United States National Figure Skating Championships may be an event full of surprises. This article will give the reader a preview of some of the skaters that will compete in the event and who may medal or win.

Airline Loses a Figure Skater's Skates - She Competes Anyway In Rental Skates
Delta Airlines lost Jordan Noelle McCreary's skates, but she competed anyway at the 2011 National Solo Dance Championships in rental skates!

Skating Has Lost Its Popularity: Fans and Experts Blame the Scoring System
Figure skating is losing its popularity. Ice skating fans and experts are blaming the figure skating judging system.

National Championship for Juvenile and Intermediate Figure Skaters
Beginning in 2013, Juvenile and Intermediate figure skaters who qualify compete at a competition scheduled in conjunction with the United States National Figure Skating Championships.

Figure Skating Fortune Cookies
At the 2011 Colorado Springs Invitational Figure Skating Competition, figure skater Lori Fussell, made homemade fortune cookies and put together original ice skating fortunes especially for the coaches, officials, competitors, and volunteers. This article shares those fortunes.

Figure Skating Exhibitions and Critiques - Skaters Share How Exhibitions,...
Does your ice rink or club offer chances for figure skaters to perform their competition programs? Have these opportunities helped to improve skaters' performances at figure skating competitions? Are judges, coaches, and technical specialists available to critique skaters? Share how figure skating exhibitions and critiques have helped you or...

Are Figure Skates Allowed As Carry-On Luggage On Airplanes?
If possible, when traveling to figure skating competitions, skaters should carry their skates on the plane as carry-on luggage, but security restrictions vary depending on the airline, airport, and local TSA authorities.

What is the Figure Skating Competition Season?
What is the figure skating competition season? What time of year does the season for competitive figure skating begin and when does the season end?

Figure Skates On Airplanes - What Are Your Experiences?
Ice skaters usually try to take their skates on planes as carry-on luggage, but since the September 11, 2001 tragedy, skaters can't always be certain if they can carry their skates on to a plane. Have you been able to take your skates on to a plane as carry-on luggage? Has an airline ever lost your skates? Share your experiences.

Fortunes For Ice Skaters - Submit Your Figure Skating Fortune Cookie Ideas
At a figure skating competition, figure skater Lori Fussell, decided to make homemade fortune cookies for the judges, officials, some of the competitors, and volunteers. Her idea was great fun and she asked her skating friends for ideas. Do you have some additional ideas? Share your ice skating fortunes with figure skaters and ice skating fans.

What Is Regionals?
The figure skating competition season begins in the fall with regional figure skating competitions which usually take place in October of each year.

What Is Sectionals?
The figure skating competition season begins in the fall with regional ice skating competitions which usually take place in October. The top four single skaters that qualify at regionals move on to sectionals. Those who place in the top four at sectionals, qualify for the United States National Figure Skating Championships.

National Solo Dance Championship
The National Solo Dance Championship is a pilot figure skating competition. The first event was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in September of 2009. Competitors compete in Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories. Two compulsory ice dances are skated without a partner.

Figure Skating Competition Coaching Costs
When a figure skating coach teaches a skater at a competition, there are fees for instructing the student and for the coach's expenses.

How Ice Skating Competitions Are Judged
Figure skating competitors are given two scores: a technical score and a program component score. The technical score is added together to the program component score and the result is the segment score. The sum of all the segment scores (the short program and the free skate) becomes the total competition score. The skater with the highest score wins.

"Why Do Figure Skaters Fall Down and Still Place High?
This short article explains why figure skaters that fall can place higher than skaters that seem to have skated perfectly.

EntryEeze Software Review - Figure Skating Competition Software Entryeeze.com
EntryEeze software is a website that helps manage figure skating competitions. The EntryEeze system collects entries and fees, manages event participation, and publishing schedules. Much of the work into running an ice skating competition is taken care of through EntryEeze.

US Figure Skating Technical Specialist Qualifications
When a figure skater performs in an ice skating competition, the technical specialist will identify the elements. He or she will identify a spin or jump and the level of difficulty of each element. The level of difficulty is based on published pre-set criteria. U.S. National Technical specialists are national and international skaters, judges,...

What is Competing Against the Book?
"Competing Against the Book" is a term used by Ice Skating Institute.

What is the Difference Between the ISI and USFS Figure Skating Associations?
There are two different figure skating associations in the United States: Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and US Figure Skating (USFS). What are the differences?

Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Beginning Figure Skating Tests
Many ice rinks in the United States use the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) figure skating test structure. This article lists the beginning ISI (Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) test requirements .

Show Good Sportsmanship at Figure Skating Competitions
Whenever you compete in any figure skating event, plan and work hard not only on your skating, but plan on how you will react if things don't go well.

Make-Up for Figure Skating Competitions
This article is written by Nicole Schulz, Independent Consultant, Arbonne International. She was a national figure skating competitor, ice show star, and skating coach and is an expert on figure skating competition make-up.

2009 AT&T US Figure Skating Championships Photo Gallery
This photo gallery includes photos from the 2009 AT&T US Figure Skating Championships that took place in Cleveland, Ohio from Jan. 18, 2009 through Jan. 25, 2009 at Quicken Loans Arena.

Ice Skating Competition Journal
This is a short journal of an unofficial ice skating competition experience. It will give those interested in competing in figure skating an idea of what participating in a skating competition is like.

The New Figure Skating Judging System
There is a new judging system for figure skating, called the ISU Judging System. A short explanation of this new system of scoring is summarized in this article.

How to Become a Figure Skating Judge
The judging of ice skating is done by volunteers and is a wonderful way to help skaters. This short article gives the basics on how to become a figure skating judge.

Why Should Skaters Join a Figure Skating Club?
Once a skater is ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests or compete in competitions beyond the Basic Skills level, it is time to join a figure skating club.

Review of IceNetwork.com
IceNetwork.com is a subsidiary of U.S. Figure Skating and has exclusive rights to U.S. Figure Skating's events. It is a web-based online subscription service that provides live and on-demand coverage of figure skating competitions and events. This article reviews the IceNetwork service.

What is the Grand Prix of Figure Skating?
The Grand Prix of Figure Skating is a series of international ice skating competitions.

Understanding and Preparing for Competitions
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Basic Skills Parents Page. It will help a parent understand and prepare for figure skating competitions.

Figure Skating Tests
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Parents Page. It explains the test structure beyond Basic Skills testing.

About Levels and Testing
This article is from the FIGURE SKATER'S WEBSITE by Don Korte. It explains in detail the US Figure Skating testing system.

U.S. Figure Skating Test Structure
This is a link on the U.S. Figure Skating site that explains the standard test structure for skaters in the United States. Passing these tests is essential to qualify for competitions.

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