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What Is CER? - Figure Skating Coaches Continuing Education Requirement


A Figure Coach Teaches an Ice Skater

A Figure Coach Teaches an Ice Skater

John Terence Turner

Figure Skating Coaches Must Fulfill a Continuing Education Requirement:

After July 1, 2010, anyone coaching figure skating at U.S. Figure Skating's sanctioned events will be required to meet a mandatory continuing education requirement.

Online or On-site Courses For Figure Skating Coaches:

Course requirements may be met online or at Professional Skaters Association (PSA) conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Four Categories of Coaches:

Figure skating coaches are divided into four categories:

  • Category A - Figure Skating Coaches That Wish to Coach at U.S. Figure Skating Qualifying Events
  • Category B - Figure Skating Coaches That Wish to Coach at U.S. Figure Skating Non-Qualifying Events
  • Category C - Group Ice Skating Instructor
  • Category D - Professional Sport Science Support Personnel

Figure Skating Coach Category A - Course Requirements:

Figure skating coaches wishing to coach at qualifying events during (and after) the 2011 figure skating competition season must complete at least four courses:

Figure Skating Coach Category B - Course Requirements:

Figure skating coaches wishing to coach at non-qualifying events (including U.S. Figure Skating test sessions) during (and after) the 2011 figure skating competition season must complete at least three courses:

  • Sports Safety
  • Ethics Training
  • U.S. Figure Skating Rules

Category C (Group Ice Skating Instructor) - Course Requirements:

No CER courses are required from figure skating coaches who only teach group ice skating classes, but taking continuing education courses is encouraged.

Category D - Professional Sport Science Support:

No CER continuing education course requirements are required for a professional in the sport science field, but the individual must submit a signed affidavit stating credentials in their field of expertise.

Tests Are Required:

All figure skating coaches are required to take an online exam to meet CER course requirements. (Taking the course is optional, but taking the exam is mandatory.)


Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills instructors who do not coach at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events are not required to meet CER requirements. Foreign figure skating coaches that coach ONLY foreign figure skaters at U.S. Figure Skating events are also exempt for the CER course requirements.

CER and PSA Ratings and Credits Are Two Different Things:

CER Continuing Education Requirements courses are NOT Professional Skaters Association PSA rating exams or credits. PSA members are not required to be rated, but CER is required. PSA members gain credits by attending PSA events. CER mandatory requirements must be met through online testing, although some CER courses are given at PSA seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Penalty For Non-Compliance of the Mandatory CER Continuing Education Requirement:

If a figure skating coach does not fulfill the mandatory education requirement, a coach will be considered a "noncompliant" member of both U.S. Figure Skating and the PSA. The non-compliant coach will not be eligible for a Professional Skaters Association PSA ratings exam, a PSA ranking review, or a PSA coaching award.


Online registraton and a $15 registration fee is required. At this time, the Ethics Training course and the U.S. Figure Skating Rules are free, but the IJS International Judging System course is $25. Course fees include access to all course materials for a period of one year and also examination fees.

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