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Review of iCoachSkating.com - A Website for Figure Skating Coaches

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The Bottom Line

Through iCoachSkating.com, figure skating coaches can now learn from the comfort of their home computer. It's much cheaper than traveling to expensive coaching seminars or conventions, and learning can take place twenty-four hours a day.


  • Instructional videos are updated on a regular basis.
  • iCoachSkating's staff is made up of highly qualified figure skating coaches.
  • The iCoachSkating's website is easy to use.
  • The cost of iCoachSkating's membership is reasonable.


  • None


  • Founded and created by figure skating coach Trevor Laak.
  • Free and paid membership options are available.
  • A highly qualified group of skating coaches from the United States and Canada are part of iCoachSkating.com's teaching staff.
  • Membership to iCoachSkating.com is available to figure skating coaches from all over the world.
  • iCoachSkating.com gives skating coaches access to videos that give tips, drills, insights, and exercises.
  • All levels of figure skating are included on iCoachSkating.com.

Guide Review - Review of iCoachSkating.com - A Website for Figure Skating Coaches

Most figure skating coaches work hard at continuing to learn about figure skating coaching methods and ideas, but much of the time, that is difficult to do since coaches are required to travel to coaching seminars, workshops, or conventions. The iCoachSkating.com website helps coaches continue learning since the site makes it possible for ice skating coaches to be better coaches since spending time at iCoachSkating.com is like attending a Professional Skaters Association coaching seminar or conference from the comfort of a home computer.

The iCoachSkating.com website provides figure skating coaches with many useful tools including access to videos that give tips, drills, insights, and exercises on how to teach all levels of figure skating moves. A forum is available so coaches can discuss anything related to teaching figure skating.

Paid memberships to iCoachSkating.com gives members access to everything that is avaialable on the site. Free membership gives coaches access to some of the videos, reviews of figure skating products and equipment, and to site updates.

iCoachSkating.com's teaching staff includes:

One excellent feature of iCoachSkating.com is Chris Conte's video analysis using Dartfish technology.

The cost of membership is reasonable since the monthly membership fee is equivalent to the price of giving one skating lesson. Also, members will feel connected with coaches from all over the world. Figure skating coaches who teach beginning, intermediate, advanced, and/or elite skaters should check out iCoachSkating.com. There is something for everyone. The website is great addition to the ice skating world.

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