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Boots and Blades

Buying the correct boots and blades for figure skating is the most important decision a skater can make. Take time to learn how to make the best choice before purchasing figure skates. This section will help you make that choice.

How to Purchase and Choose Ice Skates For Figure Skating
This article will help figure skaters of all abilities decide how to purchase the correct figure skates appropriate for their age, skating level, and need.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Figure Skating Blades
Most figure skating coaches recommend blades for their students that they used when they skated. The problem with this is that no one knows why they picked a certain blade in the first place. The goal of this article is to help those new to figure skating understand ice skating blades.

What You Should Know About Sharpening Figure Skates

How to Lace Figure Skates
Correct lacing of figure skates is very important and must be done a certain way.

Skate Science Figure Skating Blades Review
Skate Science figure skating blades are designed with an understanding of how every figure skating element works.

Review of EDEA Skates
This article reviews EDEA Skates.

Review of Paramount Figure Skating Blades
Paramount figure skating blades are considered by some to be the most advanced figure skating blades available.

How Often Should Figure Skating Blades Be Sharpened?
This short article addresses how often a figure skater should sharpen his or her skates.

Favorite Figure Skating Boots and Blades
This is a list of the favorite figure skating boots and blades used and purchased by figure skaters. If you buy a new or used boot and blade, look for one of these brands.

Are Rental Ice Skates Okay For Figure Skating?
When should a figure skater stop using rental skates? Are rental skates okay at all? This article addresses this issue.

Riedell Figure Skates
Riedell skate company has a very strong reputation in the ice skating world. The company makes skates for about every need and/or figure skating level.

A Little Blade Advice! - By Ice Skate Technician, Geoff Hébert
Ice skate technician, Geoff Hébert, has written an article called A Little Blade Advice! The goal of his article is help skaters understand all the different blade options that are available for figure skaters.

How to Measure Feet For Figure Skating Boots - From Skater's Edge
In this video, Robert Hineline, owner of Skater's Edge, shows customers how to measure their feet for custom or stock figure skating boots.

Before You Buy Figure Skates
This article will help a new or prospective figure skater purchase his or her first pair of skates.

Should a Figure Skater Purchase New or Used Figure Skates?
Is it okay to purchase used figure skating boots or blades?

Jackson Figure Skates
Jackson Skates are a favorite for figure skaters of all levels. The price of Jackson Skates is reasonable and there are so many different models to choose from.

Review of Snow White Inline Figure Skates
Snow White Skates are one of the most popular brands of inline figure skates.

How to Make a Foot Mold for Custom Figure Skating Boots - From Skater's Edge
In this video, Robert Hineline, of Skater's Edge, shows customers how to use a foam foot mold when ordering custom figure skating boots.

Review of Lake Placid Elite Leather Figure Skates
Lake Placid Elite leather figure skates are a "higher end" version of entry level figure skates. The skates can be purchased at most major discount stores and online.

Reebok Womens Tall Booted Fashion Ice Skates
Reebok® shoe company makes a tall-booted women's recreational figure skate. The boots looks like the old fashioned ice skates that were worn over one-hundred years ago.

Review of Double Runner Figure Skates
Double Runner Ice Skates are manufactured for very young beginning ice skaters. The idea is to give children the feeling that they can ice skate immediately. Ice skating on double runner blades will not cause any harm and may give young children confidence on the ice, but "real figure skating" is just not possible on double runners. Also, the inexpensive price may draw some buyers, but it is be…

American Athletic Figure Skates
The American Athletic brand of figure skates are inexpensive entry level ice skates that can be purchased at most major sporting goods stores. This article reviews the product.

Review of GAM Model G-10 Blades
GAM Model G-10 blades are used by advanced figure skaters who are working on double and triple jumps.

Review of the K-Pick® Figure Skating Blade
K-Pick® figure skating blades help figure skaters with toe jumps. The blade gives skaters confidence and a better grip into the ice as they launch into jumps.

Review of Jackson Softec Figure Skates
Softec figure skates make it possible to skate for hours in a comfortable boot.

Review of Jackson Freestyle Skates
The Jackson Freestyle boot and blade combination figure skate is a good choice for ice skaters who are beginning to master single jumps, double jumps, and most spins. The price is reasonable and the quality of the boot is a good choice for many figure skaters.

Jackson Ultima ProFlex Boot System
The Jackson Ultima ProFlex Boot is a hinged boot that is designed to reduce joint injuries. It allows competitive skaters to flex their ankles and cushion their landings. With the hinged design, a skater can land with his or her heel high in the air, increasing the landing time and resulting in a lot less stress on the knees, hips and spine.

Review of Harlick Figure Skating Boots
A skater can't go wrong if he or she purchases Harlick skating boots. Both custom and stock boots are available.

Review of the "Freedom Blade"
The "Freedom Blade" gives ice skaters the freedom to achieve elements that seem impossible on traditional figure skating blades.

Skater's Edge - An Ice Skating Shop
Skater's Edge provides figure and hockey skate sharpening and boot and blade sales and repair. The store is owned and operated by Robert and Cathy Hineline.

Colorado Skate Tech and Rich Griffin Skating Boot and Blade Services
Colorado Skate Tech is owned and operated by Richard Griffin. Rich is a figure skating coach who has serviced the needs of figure skaters in Colorado for over twenty-five years.

Girls Usually Wear White Figure Skates and Boys Wear Black Figure Skates
It may seem obvious, but not all people new to figure skating know what color of skates to buy.

How To Buy Figure Skates
This is a link from Dick's Sporting Goods that gives basic information on how to select figure skates.

Buying the Right Figure Skates for Your Child
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Basic Skills Parents Page. This article will assist you in purchasing figure skates.

The Sharper Edge
The Sharper Edge is a full service skate shop offering a large selection of boots, blades, apparel and skate essentials. The company also operates a web store.

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