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Adult Figure Skating

Learn about the options available for adults who figure skate. Learn about adult figure skating tests and competitions. Read stories about adults who figure skate.
  1. Profiles of Adult Skaters (26)

All About Ice Skating Opportunities for Adult Figure Skaters
There are various opportunities available for adult figure skaters.

Can Adults Skate and Compete? Is There An Age That Is Too Late to Start?
There are so many opportunities for adults in skating.

Am I Too Old to Begin Figure Skating?
When is it too late to begin figure skating? If a skater begins skating as a teen or after he or she is eighteen years old, is it too late to become a serious competitive skater?

Is Figure Skating a Youth Sport or a Sport for All Ages?
Is figure skating a youth sport or a sport for all ages? This short article addresses this subject.

U.S. Adult Championships
The U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships is the most prestigious and important adult ice skating competition in the United States.

Camps and Summer Skating Programs for Figure Skaters
Figure skaters can go to camp during the summer. Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States.

Video of a Social Ice Dance Session
This video shows clips from the social ice dance session that took place on April 15, 2007 in Bensenville 2007, following the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships.

Get Started Figure Skating
This article gives step by step instructions on how to begin figure skating.

How to Fall and Get Up on Figure Skates
Knowing how to fall and get up correctly on skates is essential for all figure skaters.

Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating clothing. This article will give skaters some assistance on where to find skating attire.

Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine
You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it’s time to set a program to music.

How to Spin
Learning to spin is not easy, but is so much fun!

What Is the Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pairs Skating?
Ice dancing and pair skating have similarities, but they are two very different figure skating disciplines.

How to Switch Figure Skating Coaches
Parents and skaters need to be aware that there are some guidelines all skating coaches follow when a skater switches coaches.

Review of 2006 Cabaret on Ice Series “One Hit Wonder” by Lexi Rohner
Cabaret on Ice combines the athleticism and artistry of figure skating with live vocal performances.

Adult Educational Figure Skating Videos
This is an educational resource, from U.S. Figure Skating, for the adult figure skater. These instructional videos show the entire sequence of adult moves-in-the-field (MIF) tests from the adult pre-bronze to the adult gold level.

How to Buy Figure Skates
This is a link from Dick's Sporting Goods that gives basic information on how to select figure skates.

Links to Adult Figure Skating
This is a source of links for adult skaters from the Comptetitive Adult Figure Skating Yahoo Discussion Group.

Adult Pair Skating
This site provides information about adult pair skating. Profiles of adult pair skaters are included along with information about adult pair competitions and events.

Amateur Figure Skating -- A Non-Geographic Community
This is an article by Edith K. Schneider, a parent and grandparent of serious competitive figure skaters, coaches, and officials, that describes the figure skating world.

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