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Profile of "Ice Skating Accessories Galore" - A Family Owned Company for Skaters


Ice Skating Accessories Galore

Ice Skating Accessories Galore

Image Copyright © Lisa Ilona Hlavacek

Ice Skating Accessories Galore:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore offers a variety of ice skating and hockey accessories, clothing, gifts and jewelry.

Everything a Skater Needs:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore offers a variety of skating items that include accessories, birthday party favors, blade and boot covers, skate guards, books, gifts, gloves, jewelry, novelty items, posters, skating pins, prints, programs, stickers, stationery, tights, t-shirts, videos and Zamboni items.

Ice Skating Accessories Galore sells just about everything except ice skates.

All Items are Available for Purchase Online:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore sells much of its merchandise online through the company's website and Ebay store. The company has over thirty-nine pages of ice skating merchandise available to see online.

Ice Skating Clip Art Galore:

Many people find Ice Skating Accessories Galore after first finding Ice Skating Clip Art Galore. Ice Skating Clip Art Galore includes over 450 free ice skating clip art images.

Lisa Ilona Hlavacek maintains and updates the Ice Skating Clip Art Galore webpages. All the images on the Ice Skating Clip Art Galore pages are public domain.

Family Owned and Operated:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore is owned by Frank Hlavacek. His sons, Michael and Paul Hlavacek, and his daughter, Lisa Ilona Hlavacek, help him run the company.

Variety of Merchandise:

Frank Hlavacek has a taste for the old fashioned, so he loves to stock collectibles such as plates, old skating programs, figurines, antique skates, etc. As for the skating supplies, he is open to stocking anything skating related that is within a reasonable price range for him to carry. Variety tends to lead to more sales.

Many of the items the company sells come from name distributors. In the case of collectibles, Mr. Hlavacek tries to buy them either from discount outlets or in eBay auctions that are clearing out numerous items at once.

Some Unusual Items for Sale:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore is selling some items from an estate sale. Some of these items have been sold, but there was a 14K gold lighter with "Ice Capades" engraved on it, and a Shipstads and Johnson ashtray that had an image of an Ice Follies skater on it. These items were incredibly scarce, so they held quite a bit of value. The company sold the ashtray to Eddie Shipstad, the grandson of the Shipstad who ran the Ice Follies.

Another item that is for sale is a first edition Hans Brinker book from a century or so ago that retails over a $1000 normally, but the company is selling it for $500.

How the Hlavacek Family Became Involved in Figure Skating:

Lisa Hlavacek writes:

    When I was a little girl, we lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My father was self-employed as a print broker as well as a software consultant. The owner of Outpost Ice Arena needed some software and networking help with his point of sales system, so my dad was hired to help. My father figured that he could treat me to ice skating since he was already going to be there working. I fell in love with skating and I begged for lessons, and my wish was granted six months later at Christmas. My father and I have been involved with figure skating ever since then."

Booth at Figure Skating Competitions:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore travels to figure skating competitions in different parts of the U.S. and sets up a booth. The variety of items available at the company's booth is quite complete. In addition to all the items the company carries online and through their EBAY store, the "traveling store" includes skating dresses and men's figure skating clothing. A popular item that is sold at competitions are stuffed animals with a skating theme.

Ice Skating Accessories Galore's inventory includes items from Dontee's Skating Gallery. A large amount of skating related items made for travel are in that inventory.

Famous Skaters and Ice Skating Acessories Galore:

At one of the regional competitions held in Salt Lake City, Rudy Galindo was one of the coaches. Everybody was asking for Rudy Galindo merchandise so they could get his autograph. When the Grand Prix finals were held in Colorado, the company set up at booth and saw many famous skaters walking around. They sold Blade Babies Soakers to the pairs team Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov, but Alexei's feet were too big for even their adult size soakers, so he had to return them. Lisa Hlavacek also met Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao when she personally gave them one of the company's pairs pins as a gift.

A Business That Makes People Happy:

Ice Skating Accessories Galore is a family run business that strives to make people happy. The Hlavaceks enjoy helping bring the joy of skating into people's lives. The family has received thank you letters and emails from people all over the world.


Frank Hlavecek's wife, Vicki Hlavacek, passed away in 2004. She wanted Frank to get out and meet people and the business has kept Frank busy.

The main challenge for Ice Skating Accessories Galore challenge has always been making ends meet. The company was threatening bankruptcy until Mrs. Hlavacek passed away. The insurance money paid to the family helped Frank Hlavacek pay off some debts and buy out Dontee's skating gallery. With the new stock, the business is considerably better off.

The worst thing that can happen is when a competition that the company is expecting to be vendors at cancels, as that's at least $4000 gross that the business loses for that month.

Goals and Dreams for Ice Skating Accessories Galore:

Frank Hlavacek goals for his business is to build it to the point where it will provide for him more comfortably. Lisa Hlavacek's future with the business is fairly uncertain. She hopes to learn how to sew someday, and she thinks she might start a costuming business to supplement the skating clothes that are already sold by Ice Skating Accessories Galore.
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