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Review of Mondor Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights

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Mondor Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights

Mondor Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights

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The Bottom Line

Mondor over the boot figure skating tights are warm ice skating tights that cover figure skating boots. Many ice skaters and figure skating coaches like the long continuous line and professional look that these tights give to figure skaters' legs. Parents of skaters especially are happy with these tights because polishing of figure skate boots is no longer necessary since the over the boot tights completely cover and protect ice skating boots.


  • Some skaters say that these tights keep their feet and legs warm.
  • There is no need to polish ice skates when a skater wears these tights.
  • These tights will help protect a figure skating boot's finish.
  • Many skaters say that these tights are very comfortable.
  • These tights do give an ice skater a very professional appearance.


  • These tights are very expensive.
  • Holes tend to appear in the boot part of these tights quite quickly.
  • Sometimes the velcro or hooks don't work correctly.
  • Some figure skaters have reported minor accidents while wearing these tights.
  • Many ice skating coaches and judges don't like the way these tights look on a figure skater.


  • Opaque tights
  • Velcro, hook, or easy release buckle fasteners
  • Variety of thicknesses available
  • Comfortable thick waistband
  • Two different shades of beige available

Guide Review - Review of Mondor Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights

It has been said that Sonja Henie introduced beige ice skating tights to the ice skating world.

Eventually, ice skating fans saw their favorite stars appear in tights that fitted over skating boots in the famous ice skating show, Holiday on Ice. Those original over the boot tights were really leggings or fishnet tights that were forced over ice skating boots.

Recently, the manufacturers of ice skating tights have produced an over the boot beige figure skating tight that is made especially for the needs of ice skaters of all ages and levels.

Mondor, a supplier of figure skating and dance clothes, makes more than one kind of over the boot figure skating tight. Other suppliers of figure skating products also make similar tights, but most figure skaters favor the Mondor tights.

The boot cover can be fastened with either velcro, hooks, or with easy release buckles. The tights are very comfortable and can be worn over a thinner footed tight or with socks.

Some figure skating coaches and judges don't like these tights because they want to see an ice skater's boot, but others do like the professional look these tights give to a figure skater's appearance.

Synchronized skating teams always wear these tights and usually wear the thinner over the boot model that includes hooks, not velcro.

Every serious female figure skater should consider adding at least one pair of Mondor over the boot figure skating tights to her ice skating wardrobe.


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