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Danielle and Alexander Gamelin - 2009 US Intermediate Ice Dance Champions


Danielle and Alexander Gamelin

Danielle and Alexander Gamelin

Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris

The Gamelin Twins - "Ice Twins" and National Ice Dance Champions:

Danielle and Alexander Gamelin are fraternal twins. They are also ice dancing partners. Figure skating is a way of life for the "Ice Twins." They love skating together. In 2009, the won the United States Intermediate Ice Dance title.

Date and Place of Birth:

The Gamelin twins were born on February 22,1993 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Early Skating Days:

In 1996, when Danielle and Alex were three years old, they saw world ice dance champions, Pasha Grishuk and Evgeny Platov, on television. The children imitated the champion ice dancers and together, the two decided to become "skate-dancers."

When the twins were seven years old, they went ice skating for the first time at a birthday party. They first took group ice skating lessons. Soon, they began private figure skating lessons. They teamed up and became an ice dance pair in 2003.

Coaches and Training:

The Gamelin twins are coached by Alexander Esman, a two-time Ukranian ice dance champion, and Marina Koulbitskaya, a Russian singles champion and pair skater.

Danielle and Alex train six hours a day, six days a week, and skate at ice rinks in Syosset, Great Neck, and Princeton, New Jersey. In addition, the siblings take ballroom dancing lessons and ballet lessons. They participate in off-ice weight training. The team also works with Evgeny Platov.

Skating Club:

Danielle and Alexander Gamelin represent the Skating Club of New York.


The Gamelins attend the Laurel Springs School, a private college preparatory distance learning school that offers personalized resources, customizable curricula, individualized teacher services, and college advising.

Hobbies and Interests:

Alex loves to read science fiction and comic books. Danielle likes heavy-metal music, shopping, and going to the movies.

Very Involved Parents:

Danielle and Alexander's mother, Donna Gamelin, is the director of admissions at a private career school in Queens, New York. She also selects the children's skating costumes and competition music, styles their hair, and applies their makeup.

The twins' father, Lee Gamelin, is a school consultant. He drives them to practices and events. He also does much of the managing of the team.

Competition Hiighlights:

  • 2009 US National Intermediate Ice Dance Champions
  • 2009 Eastern Intermediate Ice Dance Silver Medalists
  • 2008 US National Juvenile Ice Dance Bronze Medalists
  • 2008 Eastern Sectional Juvenile Ice Dance Champions
  • 2008 North Atlantic Juvenile Ice Dance Champions
  • 2008 North Atlantic Juvenile Ice Dance Champions

Favorite Ice Dance Figure Skating Moves:

Danielle likes twizzles and Alex likes doing ice dance lifts.

Trademark Move - The "Gamelin Eagle":

The "Gamelin Eagle" is a move where Danielle leans back on Alex while he does a traditional spread eagle with his feet pointing out. Danielle does the opposite with her toes pointing inward. The Gamelin twins invented the move.

Goals and Dreams:

Like many figure skaters, the Gamelin twins would like to compete in the Olympics. Danielle wants to be a pediatrician someday and Alex would like to attend an Ivy League college or university.

More About Danielle and Alexander Gamelin - "Ice Twins"

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