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Readers Respond: Why Do You Like to Ice Skate?

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From the article: Ice Skating Is Fun!
Why do you like to ice skate?

Deprived child

I've always wanted to skate ever since seeing the 1988 Olympics as a kid but never had the opportunity until about my late 20's (I know, that's nothing compared to 65!). It's one of the best things I've ever decided to do. Skating is challenging and great exercise - uses just about every muscle of your body, builds endurance, strength, flexiblity, coordination. Rinks are cool so you don't get all sweaty. And it's an amazing feeling to land a nice jump, perfectly center a spin or just fly across the ice at full speed.

I'm Back!

Following 35 years off the ice, I have returned to skating, and love it! I am taking lessons again and recently passed my Adult Silver Moves in the Field. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz98gt5pZBY Skating is a great sport to start or return to at any age. Even during my marriage, raising four children, getting my education and having a career, I hoped I would return one day. Now, I have a great coach, Andrea Cooper, who promotes Adult Skating and I am thankful that I have found this wonderful sport again. It is a great way to stay in shape, mentally, physically and socially. Through Facebook, I have reconnected with a great friend I skated with when we were kids. I am now training for my Gold Moves, and am challenged by the precision required to master the patterns. I look forward to skating for many years to come!

Thanks for figure skating joy

Jo Ann, For over 40 years, the points you listed, other than the one about parents, figure skating gave me things that I would not have had in any other way. Because of this, as you are aware, I am thankful through your newsletter and the IDOL listserver program and tagging along with my daughter, Lauren as she dances, judges, etc. I can keep my hand, if not my feet, in the sport. So, at almost 80 and no longer skating, my challenge is no longer passing test, it is trying to help others promote ice dancing as a recreational sport activity . . . they they, too, may have the same things to be thankful for. Alan
—Guest Alan J. Zell

Why I ADORE figure skating

I started skating with my best friend in february 2010, at the time it was 1 month beore my 13th birthday, now 6 months down the line I'm on SK8UK level 7, and working on drags, cross-rolls, 3-turns and mohawks, I've only had 3 lessons so I'm fair chuffed at it.
—Guest Sk8r 4 eva!!!


It's rewarding when you get a jump or a hard spin and fun to compete and test!
—Guest yo dawg

Restored World

At 65 I began to ice skate on a bet. I did not do well, but found my physical world was improving. By 9 months I found my mental world was improving. In addition all the while I was having fun. Now beginning my 9th year I'm having great fun, have fine physical ability and the mental is doing fine as well. If you have any atheltic ability I highly recommend it... and you will find most all of the people you meet to be good fun too.
—Guest JimD

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