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Readers Respond: Who is Your Favorite Figure Skater?

Responses: 36


Who is Your Favorite Figure Skater? Share Your Thoughts

Daisuke Takahashi

The best, the most tantalising and greatest to watch. Others include, Yuzuru Hanyu, Stephane Lambiel and Alexei Yagudin
—Guest RW

These are and will be THE BEST!

Marina Annissina / Gwendal Peizerat Tatiana Navka / Roman Kostomarov Stephane Lambiel Daisuke Takahashi Without remorse or second thoughts, absolutely gorgeous all of them!
—Guest Hannelore Losonczi

Favorite Figure Skater

Yuzuru Hanyu is my favorite figure skater. He is absolutely gorgeous, majestic and divine on the ice. :-)
—Guest Gordon

interesting topic

It is interesting to see that Michelle Kwan still gets all the love and attention she very highly deserves. While we can mention past greats like Kristi Yamagucci, Katerina Weiss, A. Yagudin, T. Eldridge, G and G(Gordieva and Grinkov for you young ones who havent ever watched them skate PLEASE youtube, so you get to see perfection from a pairs team)Belbin and Agosto, Bourne and Kratz, V. Petrenko, K. Browning, the list just goes on forever... No one from now or the past can match the name recognition in this sport like Michelle Kwan. She hasn't competed in 9 years and is still as admired and recognised as if she had never stopped. I don't think there is anyone in the sport who would disagree with the fact that she is was and always will be Figure Skating!!
—Guest robdawg

so many favorites

G and G, Michelle Kwan, Paul Wylie, Sasha Cohen, Todd Eldridge. The quad is ruining men's figure skating.
—Guest hope1943

Michelle Kwan is a gold standard

While I have many favorite skaters such as Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton, and Kristi Yamaguchi, to name a few, it was Michelle Kwan that made me fall in love with skating. I have had a hard time watching it now.
—Guest terrance

Mao Asada

Mao Asada is a great figure skater and has a wonderful axel. She is absolutley amazing and her current coach Nobu Sato, who I skate at the same rink with!
—Guest Kahlyn Bell

is obstinate on certain principles

that addresses to my past and current favoritism on these individual figure skaters like Sasha C, Alissa C, Shizuka A. (Japan) Julia L(Russian), Elene G.(Georgia) Michelle K.- all for their certain elegance, artistic expression and individual components.
—Guest Ann

Favourite Figure Skater(s)

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, no doubt! They're amazing, and their skating is absolutely amazing!
—Guest Figureskate

Yuna Kim is the best skater today.

I have no other favorite skater her. Yuna is the living legend of figure skating.
—Guest Precy

Michelle Kwan best of all time bar none

Michelle Kwan is without a doubt the best figure skater of all time and proved that with her longevity in the sport. She was robbed of two Olympic Golds..the first by tara limpinski who was just a jumper and had neither the grace or overall skill of Michelle. Second by Emily Hughes who had one good night. Michelle's performances over time, again and again showing superior skill technically and artistically are legendary and she should receive an honorary Olympic Gold. It was heartbreaking to see the gathering of Figure Skating Gold Medalists without Michelle...it made the whole thing ludicrous to me. If Tonya Harding had not been allowed to attend the Olympics and Michelle had gone, perhaps that would have been the year, as a very young girl, she would have won and stolen the title, just like tara and sarah. For Men, I happen to love Kurt Browning ...brilliant, creative and always a pleasure. Torville and Dean will never be matched in pairs ...
—Guest jensen

Brian Joubert

I love all skaters, but my answer is Brian Joubert, I have fallowed his carrier from the begging, and it have been amazing journey. He has wonderful style and character, all you need to become a devoted fan :)
—Guest Aija

Patrick Chan

Incredibly talented and simply amazing. Stunning footwork and has a very artistic approach to skating!
—Guest Kelsey

Yu-na forever

Yu-na is the best... she's so beautiful, graceful, and is just perfect on the ice. Her olympic scores just blew me away!!!
—Guest Rita

Favourite Skaters

Mens- Johnny Weir, Daisuke Takahashi, Florent Amodio, Dick Button Ladies- Dorothy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi Pairs- Shen and Zhao Dance- Belbin/Agosto, Virtue/Moir
—Guest Jessica K.

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Who is Your Favorite Figure Skater?

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