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Readers Respond: Who is Your Favorite Figure Skater?

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Who is Your Favorite Figure Skater?

Daisuke Takahashi

The best, the most tantalising and greatest to watch. Others include, Yuzuru Hanyu, Stephane Lambiel and Alexei Yagudin
—Guest RW

Favourite Figure Skater(s)

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, no doubt! They're amazing, and their skating is absolutely amazing!
—Guest Figureskate

Yuna Kim is the best skater today.

I have no other favorite skater her. Yuna is the living legend of figure skating.
—Guest Precy

Michelle Kwan best of all time bar none

Michelle Kwan is without a doubt the best figure skater of all time and proved that with her longevity in the sport. She was robbed of two Olympic Golds..the first by tara limpinski who was just a jumper and had neither the grace or overall skill of Michelle. Second by Emily Hughes who had one good night. Michelle's performances over time, again and again showing superior skill technically and artistically are legendary and she should receive an honorary Olympic Gold. It was heartbreaking to see the gathering of Figure Skating Gold Medalists without Michelle...it made the whole thing ludicrous to me. If Tonya Harding had not been allowed to attend the Olympics and Michelle had gone, perhaps that would have been the year, as a very young girl, she would have won and stolen the title, just like tara and sarah. For Men, I happen to love Kurt Browning ...brilliant, creative and always a pleasure. Torville and Dean will never be matched in pairs ...
—Guest jensen

Brian Joubert

I love all skaters, but my answer is Brian Joubert, I have fallowed his carrier from the begging, and it have been amazing journey. He has wonderful style and character, all you need to become a devoted fan :)
—Guest Aija

Patrick Chan

Incredibly talented and simply amazing. Stunning footwork and has a very artistic approach to skating!
—Guest Kelsey

Yu-na forever

Yu-na is the best... she's so beautiful, graceful, and is just perfect on the ice. Her olympic scores just blew me away!!!
—Guest Rita

Favourite Skaters

Mens- Johnny Weir, Daisuke Takahashi, Florent Amodio, Dick Button Ladies- Dorothy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi Pairs- Shen and Zhao Dance- Belbin/Agosto, Virtue/Moir
—Guest Jessica K.

Favorite Ice Skaters

I have many favorites, not in any particular oder. G and G. Gordeeva/Grinkov, Torvill & Dean, Klimova/Ponomorenko, Barbara Underhill/Paul Martini, Bestemianova/Boukin, Kristi Yamaguchi, Michelle Kwan, and todays skaters Kim Yu-Na, Evan Lycachek, Ice Dancers Tanith Belbin/BenAgosto, Virtue/Moir Davis/White respectively..
—Guest Camillia J. Brown

Michele Kwan

I feel that Michele should have won over Tara in the Olympics. Tara could do triples but she was not nearly so pretty and graceful to watch as Michele. Had Michele gone last opposed to Tara, Michele would have won. Michele gave a perfect performance but had to go first. By the time Tara came up to the last position, her beautiful performance was forgotten about! She was robbed. Sarah Luchsinger New Orleans
—Guest Sarah Luchsinger

favorite figure skater

Kristi of course. When she's on the ice, every move she makes is "art". There is no wasted movement or "down" time. She's a true artist in every sense of the word.
—Guest frank

Kristi Yamaguchi

To this day she is still smooth, elegant and can still jump
—Guest Michele

Michelle Kwan of course!!

She is the most decorated female skater of the U.S. and maybe the world. It's just so upsetting she never got that Olympic Gold because I feel like she deserved it! But what an amazing overall skater. She had strength, speed and artistry and I was always in awe watching her skate!
—Guest Zenaida

some new favorites of mine

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are awesome. Mark Ladwig and Amanda Evora too!
—Guest Sophie

Yuna Kim is the best skater nowadays.

I don't like to compare Yuna to other skaters because she has it all. She's so graceful, beautiful and has excellent performance in skating. She is very difficult to beat. There's no doubt for her to win for gold in the approaching Olmypics. Good luck to you Yuna! Michelle is the best in the past and Yuna Kim is best in the present. I like them all but I must support the present. Yuna Kim is a big fan of Michelle. They are the best skaters among others.
—Guest Prezy

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