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The Three Skating Schneiders 1964: Lynnellen, Billy, and Jo Ann Schneider


The Three Skating Schneiders - Lynnellen, Billy, and Jo Ann Schneider - 1964

The Three Skating Schneiders - Lynnellen, Billy, and Jo Ann Schneider - 1964

Schneider Family Personal Photos

When Jo Ann Schneider Farris, About.com's Guide to Figure Skating, was a little girl, there was no such thing as ready-made figure skating dresses.

Jo Ann's parents thought that perhaps a ballet or dance store might have something that would be suitable for ice skating, so she and her sister wore red skirts and leotards at first.   Then, her dad made her first skating dress since her mom didn't know how to sew!  It was a pink cotton jumper with a leotard underneath!  The outfit was made of cotton and didn't stretch.

One of Jo Ann's first skating competition dresses was made entirely of red chiffon.  It had matching red trunks.  Most of her practice skating dresses were made of polyester double knit.  One piece skating outfits with attached skirts were a "new fad."

Figure skaters' legs froze in the morning since figure skating pants had not been invented yet and pants were thought to be unladylike.  Skaters wore thin tights, skating skirts, sweaters, and mittens or gloves.

Ice dancers wore boring black skating outfits at competitions.  When Jo Ann and her ice dance partner showed up at a competition in bright green attire, it was almost scandalous!

Yss...figure skating clothes have certainly improved.  The figure skaters of today do have it made.   ...read more

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