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Skating Designs Most Popular Items


Skating Designs is one of the most popular suppliers of figure skating clothing in the world. This is a list of the company's most popular items.

1. Skating Designs eBay Store

A Skater Smiles While Wearing One of Skating Designs Outfits
Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris
Skating Designs eBay Store sells all the same high quality skating clothes available at the company's regular store and at affordable prices.

2. Polartec Skating Dresses

Red Polartec Ice Skating Dress With Red Polka Dot Skirt
Photo Copyright © Skating Designs
Skating Designs has a huge selection of ice skating pants, skating dresses and complete figure skating sets made with quality Polartec material. These outfits are warmer than some other types of ice skating clothes.

3. Mix and Match Figure Skating Outfit From Skating Designs

Mix and Match Figure Skating Dress From Skating Designs
Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris
One of the company's most popular items is a mix and match figure skating outfit. The outfit comes with several pieces that can be matched in various ways.

4. Ice Skating Clothes for Dolls

Figure Skating Dresses for American Girl Dolls by Skating Designs
Photo Copyright © Skating Designs
Almost all of Skating Designs skating clothes can be made into matching skating clothes for dolls.

5. Ola's Collection

Ola Kamieniecki - Polish Figure Skating Champion and Clothing Designer
Photo Courtesy Skating Designs
Ola Kamieniecki, the 2011 Polish figure skating champion and the daughter of Skating Designs owner Dorota Kamieniecki, has designed "Ola's Collection," her own special and unique line of figure skating clothes.
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