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The History of Figure Skating Clothes


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Sonja Henie: The Founder Of Short Ice Skating Skirts
Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie

IOC Olympic Museum /Allsport - Getty Images
From black ice skates and long dresses to elaborate costumes with thousands of jewels, figure skating clothes have gone through dramatic changes. Take a step by step historical journey through the history of figure skating clothes.


Ice skating attire until Sonja Henie's time was similar to street clothing. Henie introduced the idea of short and beautiful figure skating skirts and dresses. The Sonja Henie style of figure skating clothes also reflected the 1920's flapper style.

In the 1930s, new fabrics changed women's lives. Women figure skaters wore satin figure skating dresses with fur trim and wore nylon hose.

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