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Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?


Figure Skating Clothes by Skating Designs

Figure Skating Clothes by Skating Designs

Photo Copyright © Skating Designs

It Is Not Necessary to Buy Figure Skating Clothing Immediately:

Once you want to "dress the part of a figure skater," going to Target or Walmart or a supplier of dance clothes is a good way to find something appropriate.

At first, a leotard with a skirt and dance tights will do just fine for girls and for boys, athletic pants, a shirt, thin socks, and a jacket or sweater are all that is needed.

There Are Several Options and Ways to Find Figure Skating Clothes:

Many skating dresses can be found on EBAY. Also, some ice rinks have a shop that sells new skating dresses and figure skating outfits on consignment.

Find a Seamstress Who Makes Skating Clothing:

Sometimes there is a seamstress that makes skating clothes that everyone has found by word of mouth. Ask a skater that is wearing a cute outfit about where he or she found that skating dress; you may be given a name of a good store or a seamstress that way.

The Beige Colored Figure Skating Tights Can Be Hard to Find:

Walmart does sell beige dance tights, but those tights are not always strong enough to endure the hard wear they will get by a figure skater, so purchasing actual figure skating tights online is a better route if you can't obtain them locally.

Where to Find Boys' Skating Clothes:

Boys' skating clothes are difficult to find. There are manufacturers of boys' figure skating pants, so type in "boys or mens skating pants" in a Google search, and online suppliers should appear.

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