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Skating Designs Figure Skating Clothes

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Figure Skating Clothes by Skating Designs

Figure Skating Clothes by Skating Designs

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The Bottom Line

Skating Designs, a company that specializes in ice skating clothing, can make dressing for figure skating easy. The company specializes in figure skating clothes and accessories.

Skating dresses for dolls are also available. Items are made from stretch velvet, lycra, stretch lace, chiffon, stretch mesh, and polartec. Crystals are included with most of the skating clothes. A matching scrunchie is included with every dress. Figure skating pants are also available for boys. The company provides excellent customer service at affordable prices.


  • Skating Designs' prices are reasonable.
  • Personal customer service is provided to every customer.
  • The quality of Skating Designs' products is high.


  • All sales are final; returns are only accepted for defective items.


  • Skating Designs is owned and operated by Dorota Kamieniecki whose daughter is a figure skater.
  • A variety of figure skating items are available.
  • All items are available for purchase online.
  • Matching skating dresses for dolls are available.
  • The company sells original boot covers, headbands, teddy bears, tights, crystals, skate guards, and blade covers.
  • Original skating skirts come in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Items can be special ordered and/or custom made.
  • Discounts are available.
  • Boys and girls figure skating pants and jackets can be purchased.
  • All items may be purchased online or by phone.

Guide Review - Skating Designs Figure Skating Clothes

Dressing properly for skating helps most figure skaters skate better, but it can sometimes be difficult to find high quality figure skating clothes. Skating Designs can help a figure skater look good on the ice.

The company is owned and operated by Dorota Kamieniecki whose daughter, Ola, is a figure skater. Mrs. Kamieniecki makes high quality figure skating clothing. The price of the items sold by Skating Designs is affordable. The company provides assistance and guidance and prides itself on its personal customer service. Items are shipped quickly to customers.

The company sells ice skating dresses, figure skating jackets, matching ice skating doll clothing, and figure skating accessories. The company also makes custom made ice skating dresses and polartec fleece items.

Group discounts are available for synchronized skating teams and figure skating clubs. Figure skating clothes made especially for men and boys can also be purchased.

Experienced figure skaters and those new to the sport will find something suiting their needs at Skating Designs.

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