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Review of Cheer Factor Warm-Up Suits for Synchronized Skating Teams

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Cheer Factor Warm-Up Suits

Cheer Factor Warm-Up Suits

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The Bottom Line

Cheer Factor makes custom synchronized skating team warm up suits. The Cheer Factor company takes a style idea and makes it into a reality.

The quality of the warm-up suits are one of the best options available for synchronized skating team uniforms. The Cheer Factor company prides itself in its customer service and works closely with synchronized team skaters and coaches to design the best warm-up suit possible for a team.


  • Cheer Factor warm-up suits are made of high quality materials.
  • The Cheer Factor company prides itself in its customer service.
  • Cheer Factor turns a design idea into a reality.
  • Cheer Factor warm-ups are suitable for both male and female skaters.
  • Designs are never discontinued.


  • None


  • Over forty colors are available
  • Suitable for children, teens, and adults
  • Micro fleece and Wooley fabrics are available. Performance Poly fabric is also available.
  • Six jacket styles
  • Custom Warm-Ups start as low as $89.99
  • Design consultants help the team create a unique warm-up suit for a team of twelve or more skaters
  • Options for pants include straight leg, flare, side slit, or full zippers on the side to fit over skating dresses and skates
  • Design workbook available that includes fabric samples
  • Production takes twenty-eight days

Guide Review - Review of Cheer Factor Warm-Up Suits for Synchronized Skating Teams

Cheer Factor can design synchronized skating team warm-up suits with the colors and designs of a team's choice. The warm-up suits are high quality and the fabrics used are light-weight and durable. Cheer Factor's designers can have a synchronized skating team dressed in warm-up suits with unique colors and fabrics that give the team a special look.

Skaters won't be disappointed since the quality of Cheer Factor's product is high. The skaters in the team may gain confidence when they arrive at synchronized skating events and competitions dressed in the suits. The suits are warm and will also keep skaters comfortable during practice sessions. The full-length side zipper option make it easy for team members to remove the pants during a busy practice session when the synchronized skating coach asks for the skaters to practice in skating skirts.

The styles are never discontinued. When new skaters join a team, additional suits can be made and purchased since after the first twelve suits are designed, additional orders can be made over time. The Cheer Factor company has excellent customer service and will work with synchronized teams to create the best possible warm-up suits.

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