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Top Figure Skating Coaches

Certain figure skating coaches have become very famous because they have produced some very great skaters. This section will provide links to information on those coaches.

Successful Russian/Soviet Figure Skating Coaches
Russian and Soviet figure skating techniques have had a tremendous impact in the ice skating world. This article lists some of the best Russian and Soviet figure skating coaches.

Ellen Burka - Canadian Figure Skating Coaching Legend
Ellen Burka is considered one of the most successful figure skating coaches in Canadian figure skating history.

Betty Callaway - Olympic and World Figure Skating and Ice Dance Coach
Betty Callaway is the figure skating coach that guided Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to Olympic ice dance gold.

Frank Carroll - Coach of Figure Skating Champions
Frank Carroll is considered one of the best figure skating coaches in the world. Some of the famous skaters he has coached include Linda Fratianne, Michelle Kwan, and Evan Lysacek.

Kathy Casey - World and Olympic Figure Skating Coach
Kathy Casey has coached ice skating since the early 1960s. She has trained many national and international figure skating champions.

Janet Champion -- Child Skating Star and Skating Coach
Janet Champion has been involved in figure skating for most of her life as a child skating star with Ice Follies and then as a figure skating coach.

Tom Dickson - Figure Skating Coach and Choreographer
Tom Dickson is considered one of the top figure skating choreographers in the world. This article highlights his outstanding career as a figure skater, choreographer, and coach.

Patti Gottwein - National and International Figure Skating and Ice Dance Coach
Patti Gottwein is a figure skating coach based in Colorado. She has coached national ice dance champions and also has coached students who have competed and medaled internationally.

Memories of Figure Skating Coach Giuliano Grossi
Master figure skating coach, Giuliano Grossi passed away on September 2, 2004. He is missed by many, many people in the figure skating world.

Ron Jellse - Legendary Artistic Roller Skating Coach
Ron Jellse left an impact on every skater he taught. Roller skaters from all over the world remember him as a person who had great knowledge of skating. He handled all situations in a calm manner and also took the time to acknowledge every individual. Ron Jellse passed away on March 26, 2007 and is missed by many people in the artistic roller figure skating world.

Pieter Kollen - Figure Skating Coach
Pieter Kollen was a prominent ice skating coach. He passed away on August 5, 2007. He was an influential person in the figure skating world and also made contributions to hockey.

Tamara Moskvina - Figure Skating Pair Skating Coaching Legend
Tamara Moskvina is considered to be the most outstanding pair skating coach in figure skating history.

Yasa Nechaeva and Yuri Chesnichenko
Yasa Nechaeva and Yuri Chesnichenko are Olympic ice dance coaches. They skated together as children and competed internationally. They have brought Russian figure skating and ice dancing coaching techniques to the United States.

John Nicks - Coach of Ice Skating Champions
John A.W. Nicks is one of the top figure skating coaches in the world. His most recent champion is Sasha Cohen.

All About Figure Skating Coach Barbara Roles
Barbara Roles was and is considered one of the most famous figure skating coaches in US figure skating history.

Pair Skating Coach Dalilah Sappenfield
Dalilah Sappenfield has taught all levels of skating and has coached students at the National and International levels. She is considered one of the top pair skating coaches in the United States.

Photos of Pair Skating Coach Dalilah Sappenfield and Her Pair Teams
Dalilah Sappenfield is one of the top pair skating coaches in the United States. This photo gallery shows some photos of Dalilah and her students.

Billy Schneider - Former Technical Panel Committee Chair
Billy Schneider has coached numerous competitive skaters throughout his career, including five U.S. National Figure Skating Champions. He is the former chair of the U.S. Figure Skating Technical Panel Committee (TPC). The TPC oversees all International Judging System (US) issues including education, training and official selections for all U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Carlesa Williams - African American Roller Skating Coach
Carlesa Williams is an African American artistic roller skater and roller and inline skating coach. She has coached roller figure skaters at the world class level. She is also a roller skating judge and official.

Interview With Figure Skating Coach Tom Zakrajsek
Tom Zakrajsek is considered one of the top figure skating coaches in the United States. He has coached numerous figure skating champions and medalists. In 2008, he took the time to be interviewed especially by About.com's Figure Skating Guide, JO ANN Schneider Farris.

Figure Skating Coach Tom Zakrajsek Photo Gallery
This photo gallery includes photos of figure skating coach, Tom Zakrajsek, who has coached numerous figure skating champions and medalists.

Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband - Olympic & World Ice Dance Coaches
Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva are the coaches of Olympic and World ice dance champions.

Dalilah Sappenfield Interview 2008
This link is from TwinCities.com's, Bob Sansevere. He interviews pair skating coach, Dalilah Sappenfield, during the 2008 United States National Figure Skating Championships. Dalilah came to that national championships with nine pair teams. Her students won gold in Novice, Junior, and Senior Pairs.

Coach Kathy Casey
Kathy Casey is a coach of numerous national and international champions. She now gives special seminars to suit the specific needs of a rink or skating club.

Giuliano Grossi Memory Page
This is a scrapbook that celebrates the life of the Italian skater and coach, Giuliano Grossi. Giuliano was a dear friend of mine. 1984 Olympic Champion and celebrity, Scott Hamilton, was coached by Giuliano Grossi when he was a young boy. Mr. Grossi was a figure skating star and a great skating coach. He is missed by many.

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