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Ice Theatre of New York Affected By Hurricane Sandy


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Hurricane Sandy Affects Ice Theatre of New York
Skater Statue At Chelsea Piers Survived Hurricane Sandy

This Skater Statue Is About the Sole Survivor of What Was Ice Theatre of New York's Offices Before Hurricane Sandy

Photo Courtesy Ice Theatre of New York
On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed the "Frankenstorm" moved towards the U.S. east coast. The storm hit New Jersey and New York City the hardest. The figure skating community was affected by the storm in various ways.

The Ice Theatre of New York, located at Chelsea Piers, lost their offices. The Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers also faced much damage and loss. Bill Sword, the husband of Martha Sword, a longtime supporter of the Ice Theatre of New York was killed in the storm after a tree fell on him in his backyard in Princeton, New Jersey.

"This skater statue is about the sole survivor," says Ice Theatre of New York regarding what was left of their offices after the storm. "We estimate the water came up four feet high in our office - we lost everything. Chelsea Piers is in very bad shape. We need new office space."

Donations are being accepted to help Ice Theatre of New York rebuild.

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