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Sk8Strong Figure Skating Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning DVDs


Sk8Strong Figure Skating Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning DVDs

Sk8Strong Figure Skating Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning DVDs

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Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning Videos for Figure Skaters:

Sk8Strong Inc. has produced instructional exercise DVDs especially for figure skaters. The DVDs provide figure skaters with a comprehensive off-ice training program.

Sk8Strong's products are endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association.

Sk8Strong's Founder and Creator - Lauren Downes:

Lauren Downes is a licensed physical therapist, a professional figure skating coach, a former competitive skater, and she is also an off-ice strength and conditioning coach.

After she retired from competitive figure skating, she wondered what could be done to prevent figure skating injuries. She began to perform evaluations of skaters and developed programs tailored to each skater's level and ability. Sk8Strong's videos come from her years of experience working with figure skaters of all ages, abilities, and levels.

Four Instructional DVDs:

Sk8Strong DVDs include:

  • Developing the Youth Skater
  • The Competitive Skater
  • Adult Training
  • The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup

The DVDs can be purchased separately or as a package.

About Each DVD:

Each DVD, with the exception of the warmup DVD, includes a progression for each suggested exercise. A figure skater can progress his or her program according to their ability and skill level.

About "The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup":

"The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup" DVD can be used by figure skaters just before competing or just before practicing. The warmup DVD is also for non-figure skaters who are looking for a stretching and mobility routine.

What Figure Skaters Need to Succeed:

Sk8Strong Inc. believes figure skaters need the following in order to succeed:

  1. Core Strength and Stability
  2. Balance
  3. Strength and Power
  4. Flexibility
Sk8Strong's videos will help skaters achieve the above goals.

Off-Ice Training Prevents Injuriies:

Sk8Strong's goal is to help skaters with their off-ice training and to help prevent ice skaters from being injured.

Training Methods:

Sk8Strong's off-ice training methods includes functional exercises, plyometrics, and core stabilization. Figure skaters use balance boards, foam rolls, sport cords, therabands, medicine balls, and physioballs.

Off-Ice Training Program for Hockey:

In addition to creating an off-ice conditioning and training program for figure skaters, Sk8Strong has participated in the production of a similar DVD especially geared for hockey players.

Contact Sk8Strong Inc.:

Sk8Strong Inc.
76 Brookwood Dr.
Longmeadow, MA 01106
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