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Silent Coach - A Figure Skating Training Aid


Silent Coach - A Figure Skating Training Aid

Silent Coach - A Figure Skating Training Aid

Photo Copyright © Michelle Ford/Silent Coach

Silent Coach Inspires Figure Skating Coaches:

The Silent Coach figure skating training aid makes it possible for skating coaches to not have to yell across the rink as they teach skating lessons. Some coaches have said that using Silent Coach has made teaching skating more enjoyable.

How Silent Coach Works:

Silent Coach attaches to a figure skater's arm or leg with a velcro strap. The coach controls vibrations with a small remote as the skater skates. The device provides a coach with a way to remind students about their most common mistakes during lessons.

For example, a figure skating coach no longer has to verbally tell his or her student over again to keep an arm in front, to straighten a free leg, to point a toe, to turn out a foot, etc.

Helps Skaters Pay Attention and Reminds Skaters to Keep Their Heads Up:

Figure skating coaches have discovered that the Silent Coach device does help skaters pay attention during lessons. Some figure skaters have commented that Silent Coach has helped to remind them to keep their heads up.

About Silent Coach's Inventor:

Figure skating coach, Michelle Ford, a US national junior ice dance champion, US senior ice dance bronze medalist, and Ice Follies principle skater, is the creator of Silent Coach. Ford has stated that she enjoys coaching and developing Silent Coach has helped her enjoy coaching even more.


Silent Coach is water-resistant and lightweight. It can signal skaters within an 150 yard range, it makes a sound or vibrates, and uses a 12V and 2 AA batteries. The device comes with an adjustable velcro strap.

How to Order:

The Silent Coach device can be ordered directly from its creator, Michelle Ford. Orders can be placed over the phone or online. Credit cards are accepted for online orders.


The cost of Silent Coach is $75, plus shipping.

Warranty :

The Silent Coach product has a 90 day warranty.

Contact Silent Coach:

Michelle Ford
Silent Coach
9450 Mira Mesa Blvd.
Suite C120
San Diego, CA 92136
Phone: 858-455-5548
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