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Champion Cords

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Tommy Steenberg - 2008 Eastern Sectional Men's Figure Skating Champion Uses Champion Cords

Tommy Steenberg - 2008 Eastern Sectional Men's Figure Skating Champion Uses Champion Cords

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The Bottom Line

Champion Cords is a figure skating training aid that is easy to use and reasonably priced. The cords help teach skaters proper body alignment and position. Skaters of all ages enjoy using Champion Cords. Some skaters believe that Champion Cords have helped them land Axels, double and/or triple jumps. The cords can also assist with Moves in the Field and with spins.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Fun for skaters


  • None


  • Invented by figure skating coach Sheila Thelen
  • Available in triple hook, s-hook, and in "Skate for Hope" styles
  • An information CD/DVD is available that shows how to use Champion Cords
  • It is recommended that first time buyers purchase two cords to get the best experience
  • Discounts are available for group orders
  • Replacement cords can be purchased in case a skater's blade accidentally cuts a cord
  • Hooks into a figure skating boot's laces and wraps right under the boot

Guide Review - Champion Cords

Champion Cords were invented by Sheila Thelen, a Master Rated Coach with the Professional Skaters Association. As she was trying to help a young skater master a proper body position, she discovered that a simple cord could be made into a training aid to help figure skaters. Champion Cords help skaters with proper body alignment, position, and muscle memory.

The product can help with single, double, triple jumps, Moves in the Field, with spins, and with body position and posture. Coaches of beginning ice skaters find that Champion Cords can help new skaters master basic skating skills.

Replacement cords are available. A DVD showing how to use is also available for purchase. Champion Cords can be attached and removed easily and quickly. The cords hook right into a figure skating boot's laces and to a skater's wrist.

There are various ways to use Champion Cords. Skaters can practice Moves in the Field and solo ice dances with two cords. With one cord attached to the wrist and boot, skaters learn where to hold the free leg and free arm. The cords help skaters learn also where to position the free leg when they learn the Axel, double, and triple jumps. The cords also help with split jumps, spins, and flying camels.

Skaters and coaches have the freedom to be creative in the use of Champion Cords. The product is so fun to use that some skaters will need to reminded that Champion Cords are a figure skating training aid and not a toy.

The cost of the product is reasonable, so most figure skaters should be able to buy a pair of Champion Cords. The product will help skaters build confidence as they train.

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 5 out of 5
Champion Cords, Member sk8ergirlrocks

I LOVE CHAMPION CORDS! Super awesome product! It really helped me with my: jumps, spins, spirals, and MIF! (My posture is waaaay better!) When I take off the cords... it feels like they are still on! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

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