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New Life Church's "Wonderland" - A Christmas Show That Includes Ice Skating


Wonderland 2006

Wonderland 2006

Photo by Ted Mehl

A Broadway Style Christmas Show That Includes Figure Skating:

Every year, for Christmas, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado puts on an amazing "Broadway-Style" Christmas show that includes ice skating.

Purpose and History:

The purpose of this show is to reach out to the community and to share the gospel.

The show began around 2003. It first took place at the Colorado Springs World Arena. The first show had no admission charge.

That outreach caused New Life Church to grow. New Life Church has approximately fourteen-thousand members and the church believes that many of the members became part of their church after seeing the show.

In 2005, the show was moved to New Life's new sanctuary. Over thirty-thousand people saw the show in 2005.

Live Orchestra and Huge Choir:

The show includes a live fifty-piece orchestra. New Life's choir of over three hundred people sing.

The Skaters:

The figure skaters performing in the 2006 Christmas show include Savannah Lavenstein, Alexandra Curry, Cierra Wilde, and Travis Nuss. They are all former or current competitive skaters. Travis has performed in many, many ice shows, including shows in Lake Placid, New York. Savannah does much of the figure skating choreography for this show.

Also, appearing are Tim and Laura Koleto. The brother and sister skate in winter clothes and look like they are skating on a pond. They add a festive presence as they perform.

The other skaters wear traditional figure skating attire and skate in three different numbers.

The "Ice":

A man-made piece of acrylic ice, made of silicon, is raised in the center of the sanctuary. The audience looks up at the skaters as they perform. In most ice skating shows, the audience looks down at the skaters. Looking up gives quite a different feeling to this show. The "ice sheet" is approximately fifteen feet wide and fifteen feet long. The skaters perform spins, jumps, turns, and pair skating moves on this unusual surface. As they skate, the happy winter holiday feeling fills the sanctuary.

The "ice" also rotates while the skaters perform in one of the numbers called "Joy."

The Costumes and Props:

The costumes are very elaborate. The costumes worn by certain characters, like the wise men, are stunning. There are amazing lights and there is a catwalk at the top. Angels hang from the ceiling and characters are lowered from the ceiling on cables as the gospel is told. There are dancing fountains. There is also a twelve-foot high Christmas tree in the center of the revolving sheet of acrylic ice. There are wide video screens that are twenty-eight feet wide which help the audience get a closer look at what is happening.

Acrobats, Trampolines, Dancers, and Others:

Besides figure skaters, acrobats perform on trampolines. There are also worship and ballroom dancers.

A High Quality Christmas Show :

Everyone loves Christmas shows. Everyone loves ice skating. Everyone loves music. New Life Church's vision is to make the holidays a wonderful time through "Wonderland."

Admission :

The show is no longer free. Tickets are sold in advance and can also be purchased at the door. The first two performances are dinner theater shows. After that, tickets for shows that do not include dinner, are available. The show runs for two weekends in December.

Producers and Director:

The Executive Producers of Wonderland are John and Sarah Bolin. The Director is Rob Stennett.

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