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Battle of the Blades - An Ice Skating Reality Television Show


Figure Skaters and Hockey Players Come Together in Battle of the Blades

Figure Skaters and Hockey Players Come Together in Battle of the Blades

Photo by Kathy Quirk-Syvertsen - Getty Images

Ice Skating Reality Show:

Battle of the Blades was a Canadian ice skating reality television show. Professional ice hockey players are paired up with prominent Canadian figure skaters. The pairs compete each week in an elimination style figure skating competition.

Hockey Players Will Become Pair Skaters:

Some of Canada's most prominent female figure skaters teach eight NHL hockey players how to become pairs figure skaters.

Figure Skating Participants:

  • Jamie Salé - Olympic Pair Skating Champion
  • Shae-Lynn Bourne - World Ice Dance Champion
  • Barbara Underhill - Five Time Canadian National Pair Skating Champion
  • Isabelle Brasseur - Olympic Pair Skating Bronze Medalist
  • Marie-France Dubreuil - World Ice Dance Silver Medalist
  • Christine Hough-Sweeney - Olympic Pair Skater
  • Jodeyne Higgins - Professional Pair Skater
  • Kristina Lenko - International Ice Dance Competitor


The show's hosts include Ron MacLean and world figure skating champion Kurt Browning.

Who Is Paired With Who:

  • Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux
  • Jamie Sale and Craig Simpson
  • Barb Underhill and Ron Duguay
  • Isabelle Brasseur and Glenn Anderson
  • Christine Hough-Sweeney and Tie Domi
  • Kristina Lenko and Bob Probert
  • Marie-France Dubreuil and Stephane Richer
  • Jodeyne Higgins and Ken Daneyko

Live Series:

The weekly reality television series is filmed in front of a live audience at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.

Fans Can FollowTheir Favorite Pair:

Through CBC.ca's Member Centre, fans of Battle of the Blades can comment or become a fan of the show, the skaters, the hosts, and the judges.

Only Aired in Canada:

Battle of the Blades is only available to viewers living in Canada; however, clips and news about the show can be found on a Battle of the Blades Facebook Fan Page.
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